Bracelet link delivery time

I thought my Overseas (old model) would be more comfortable if I exchanged a half link for a full link on the bracelet, so I headed off to the dealer. They ascertained that the part was available in New York (I am in California), so I went ahead and paid for the link. That was on 14 June 2007. Astonishingly, the link has not arrived. Is that normal? The delay is doing nothing to improve my brand loyalty; indeed, I am thinking of cancelling the order for the bracelet link and disposing of the watch, because after this experience I don't even want to think about what must be involved in getting Vacheron to service it. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks.

the problem is that the whole Swiss watch industry stops working for
08/28/2007 - 15:18

over a month and a half in July and August!! Maybe your AD had to wait for the ateliers at VC to reopen before sending his order?

Re: Bracelet link delivery time
08/29/2007 - 03:13


I can understand your disappointment and I believe it is very much justified.  As you said in your post, your AD ascertained that the part was available in NY so such a delay is unthinkable.  It would have been a different story if the part had to be sourced from Switzerland, in which case, Alex's explanation could be plausible.  At any rate, your AD is probably most at fault here since they may have made a false statement in saying that the part was available locally (as in stateside).  If, however, they were telling the truth and the part was available in the US, your AD should be pushing harder to expedite the part for you as soon as possible.  I cannot see how sending out an available part can take more than a few days.  I don't really know how to improve the situation you are in, but at least your AD should set the record straight and keep you abreast of the situation (aside from making amends).  VC is a great brand and there are many stories of situations where VC handled problems very professionally.  Unfortunately, as with other brands, there are many personalities and institutions involved in the process (ADs, susidiaries, etc.) so sometimes the kind of service we get depends on the people involved.  Its still no excuse for sloppy work, but it is a reality that we still have to put up with (not always, but) from time to time. 

Good luck!