Brand new Overseas gains 1' in three days

Hello everybody. I am a new VC owner that would appreciate your guidance. A week ago I purchased my first VC (black faceplate OS) from an authorized VC retailer here in Greece. It appears that the watch gains between 15'' - 25'' daily. This morning I called the local distributor (S. Palatzian) who claimed in short that monthly deviations of 3 - 4 minutes are considered normal. Is that really the case? Even if it is though, deviations of 20 seconds daily translate to appr. 10' monthly. The lady I spoke to couldn't answer to whether daily gains are typically followed by daily losses thus resulting to an offset of 3' /month. In my case the gains have so far worked additively. To my understanding this is a manufacturing defect that merits replacement with a new watch, although the distributor obviously feels the error is within specifications. Your opinions (especially from VC staff) on how to handle this are most welcome. Thank you very much in advance.
Re: Brand new Overseas gains 1' in three days
08/27/2009 - 01:59


A gain of 20 seconds per day is not acceptable for a watch that has gone through the "break-in" or "run-in" period. The first few weeks of wearing a new watch is considered a "break in" or "run in" period. Give it time to settle down before you become alarmed. After a few weeks, if the same large gains per day continue, the watch will need to be regulated by VC. This can normally be handled through your authorized dealer under warranty with no change.  Best regards, Mike

Hello Andreas, Mike is correct...
08/27/2009 - 06:40
Mechanical watches usually need a "break-in" period of a few weeks, this is true for both watches that are brand new and watches that have just come back from a complete maintenance/service. As your Overseas is an automatic, your lifestyle, i.e. how active you are when wearing the watch can also have an affect on the accuracy rate of the watch.  The position you lay down your watch when not wearing it will also affect the rate.  Face down, face up, crown up, crown down, crown left, crown right.  Chances are some of these positions will run fast and some will run slow.  Resting your watch in the appropriate position can help counter-act how it runs when it is on your wrist.  Therefore if it runs fast on your wrist, you can let it rest in a position where it runs slow, helping to improve the average rate over a 24 hour time period. I'd recommend giving the watch a few weeks to "break-in" period and see how it runs.  The key thing to look at is whether the watch is running at a consistent rate while on your wrist.  Is it always running fast, by the same amount of seconds, every time you wear it?  This is a good thing as regulating the watch under such conditions is easy to do.   I would guess this is the most likely condition for your watch. If the watch is running inconsistently, the watch can still be adjusted but not as easily as a simple regulation.  No matter what type of regulation/adjustment may be needed, VC should do this for you free of charge as the watch is brand new and still under warranty.  If the watch was running too slowly (which is not your case), the worst case situation I can think of is if the watch has been sitting around at the dealer for a very long time, in which case the oils may have dried out.  In this case, VC should be able to give the watch a full cleaning and service to bring your watch into perfect working order, free of charge. I prefer sending my watches to VC for service because I have noticed some authorized dealers use their own watchmakers to provide service work.  If anything more than regulation or adjustment is needed, I would suggest having the dealer send it directly to VC to have the work done. Enjoy your watch and please post some pictures when you can. Best Regards, Dan
Re: Hello Andreas, Mike is correct...
08/27/2009 - 10:25
Mike, Dan, thank you very much for your responses. The time this morning is 1’ 10’’ off. As you both suggested, I will give the watch some time to settle before escalating the issue. If I eventually have to and if such an option is mentioned in the warranty terms, I will ask the local distributor to send it directly to VC. I should have also mentioned that I've been wearing the watch 24/7 since buying it, there's not really a pattern in terms of hand movements. Here's a shot with my Blackberry, you'll definitely see some higher quality pictures soon.  This watch is beautifully made, a study in understated value and elegance. Best regards, Andreas 
Beautiful Overseas Andreas...
08/27/2009 - 19:06
I am looking forward to seeing more photos! Best regards, Mike
She's a beauty Andreas
08/28/2009 - 11:28
Thanks for the picture.  I didn't mention it before but I have a Generation 1 Overseas chronometer that was running slow (about 15 sec/day if I remember correctly) after an authorized VC dealer finished its full service maintenance.  I took the watch to VC's 100% owned Maison in Shanghai, and the master watchmaker regulated it to be within 1 sec/day.  It took about 30-45 minutes (and most of that time was spent explaining the process to me, removing/installing the case back and testing the waterproof seal).  Best Regards, Dan
Re: Brand new Overseas gains 1' in three days
08/27/2009 - 20:26
As  a point of refernence, I have had the same one, white face, for 15 months. It ran +10-15" for the first few weeks. Now it runs +8-10" per week.  Good Luck, Ray
Andreas, that's absolute a thing for guarantee!!
08/28/2009 - 00:56

Unfortunately this happens, you but a car that is considered the best qualitycar in the world. I did it 6 years ago, and I still have the car, but it has been som small troubles all the time, which irritates me. Still I bought this one to my wife two years ago. After 3000 km's the engine completely broke, whithout any warning! This watch I really have loved as a practical and beautiful watch. I bought it 4 years ago and it's for the 4th ( ! ) time for repair in Geneva! It's one of the 40-50 watches I own, of which at least 30, are Vacheron&Constantin. Funny thing is, that I never have any trouble with the vintage ones from 1920s to 50s, no not even some I have from the 1980s and 90s! OK, perhaps a mainspring or two in 5-6 years, but that's all But my conclusion is: I will not stop buying AUDI's and Vacheron Constantin, even though I for the moment is a bit irritated. It just have to stop, the whole world seems sometimes like that, as when the bolt stroke 2 weeks ago! On the other hand I don't expect the lightning to go down 5 meters from my house again, at least in 10 years So Andreas, just let them regulate the watch and it will be working fine for 5 years, when it's time for service Doc

Re: Brand new Overseas gains 1' in three days
08/28/2009 - 06:42
Andreas, you have now heard all reasonable explanations for your questions. I want you to know that there are many other highly rated brands to compare that sometimes have a need for a watch to be regulated. This is not something significant or complex for watch manufacturers to accomplish. My key recommendation is the changing of your watches position off your wrist. You'll be surprised at the results that you can accomplish on your own. Good luck and a little patience will make you feel pleased again. If not, you have a two year warranty from VC that will take care of all of this free of charge. Regards, Matt
Re: Re: Brand new Overseas gains 1' in three days
08/31/2009 - 12:51
Thank you all for your answers.  Since my last post I have been monitoring my OS using as reference.  Sadly, the deviation has accelerated to +30"/daily which is way beyond the posted tolerances of competing and arguably less prestigious brands (Rolex -4/+6, Omega -1/+11).  I haven't come across any official figures from VC, but I did find an older OS review posting some COSC measurements.  I realize that the new OS is not COSC certified but I'd expect similar and not severely degraded performance compared to the old model.   Regarding "run-in", there's no mention to an adjustment period in the manual, if VC felt that the movement needed days, weeks or months to settle, it should and would have stated so explicitly, it should have also qualified as normal tolerances that translate to deviations of 15 minutes/month.   It is a fair I believe expectation that a brand new, EUR 9,000, watch should have been properly inspected for quality control purposes when it left the factory and hence would not call for opening, regulation and re-insulation (not sure if this is the appropriate term) immediately after purchase.  Guarantee is indeed in place but to cover problems arising throughout the covered period and not manufacturing defects diagnosed upon delivery.  Anyhow, I will speak with the local distributor once again today and I will let you know of the outcome.  Best regards, Andreas