Broken "cross"

 I have a vintage manualy wound Vacheron. Dial is white silvered guilloche and looks fantastic. But Vacheron "cross" on dial is broken and missing an arm ( have no idea how this happened as watch belonged to my late father ). Also I think dial is not centered. Please advise.
 Thank you.
Here is my opinion.
01/09/2010 - 19:40
Sounds like from everything you have described,like the watch dial has been refinished at some point - the maltese cross devise,as far as I am aware,does not always universally appear on all VC watches - I have a 60's watch,where it is absent from the dial - when you say its not centred - it definitely sounds like its a re-dial - if you provide a picture - I am sure another member will come along and give you a second opinion - either way,could be an expensive fix,if done professionally.
you should send your watch to the VC service center who will
01/10/2010 - 00:48
then probaly have th dial sent to VC in Geneva for replacement of the Maltese Cross and refurbishment of the dial if necessary