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What buckels were used by VC during the 50ies and 70ies ? On my 1072 I am using the "half cross" buckle (I am sorry but I don't know the official name) but on the 1002/1 is just a 13-in-a-dozen buckle.



Re: Buckle
08/09/2007 - 10:55

Based on a buckle I have that I believe to be authentic, I think the correct buckle is plain and almost rectangular but is actually a very subtle pentagon that has a very slight point at the end. It looks quite similar to Patek buckles of the same period and I believe is identical to Audemars buckles of that period. (In fact, the buckle I own is on an Audemars with a 2071 movement (equivalent to Vacheron's 1071).) I look forward to seeing the replies posted by more knowledgeable persons.

that's interesting, would you have a scan of your buckle? (nt)
08/09/2007 - 11:54


I'm technologically challenged, but I'll try.
08/09/2007 - 23:19

Translation: if I can get my wife to help me figure out how to do it, I will.

Thanks, great info
08/10/2007 - 10:35

I think I have an idea about what you mean. If possible a picture would be even better.

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The half Maltese Cross buckle dates from the late 80s
08/09/2007 - 11:53

I don't think there were any specidic identification element (Maltese Cross style) in the 50s-60s but in the  late 70s early 80s the following buckle was used:

Thanks Alex (nt)
08/10/2007 - 10:35


How they looked 1937 !
08/10/2007 - 19:15

Only V&C on the inside of the buckle.

But I personally like the & nearly as much as the Malteser Cross



good to see you back Doc NT
08/10/2007 - 19:19


Nice !
08/11/2007 - 00:03

Dear Doc,

Now that is an elegant buckle. Very nice. Next step would be finding one......the hunt has started.

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