Busy week in Shanghai

I'm in Shanghai for business this week, but almost could not get a room at my regular hotel because there are a few major events happening right now.  The China Open (tennis), an NBA League promotion, and Fashion Week.

I was at the VC Boutique in IFC and heard a couple of guys come in and knew immediately they were Americans.  They were two players for the L.A Clippers.  One was looking at the World Time and Harmony Dual Time watch.  I had the opportunity to show him live pictures of the new World Time watches as well.

The other gentleman was interested in the Harmony Chronograph with Doctor's dial.  Unfortunately, they weren't any actually pieces for him to see.  He use to have a 1921 NY Boutique editon, but traded it in for a Journe Octa Chronograph.

They were a couple of really nice guys, were knowledgeable watch fans and knew about W&W in HK.  But next time, I hope to see some fashion models.  smiley

Re: Busy week in Shanghai
10/14/2015 - 05:10

Good one Dan.

But those models will probably be taller than the L.A. Clipper guys! cheekysurprise

Fashion Week hits town and Dan chases around for a room!...
10/14/2015 - 16:36

What can I say? crying...

Sorry to hear that things didn't 'come together' on this visit to Shanghai.

I'm just wondering wangryho you should blame for this appalling oversight? 

Fingers crossed for next time!

Best wishes


I'm with you Re the models :-)
10/14/2015 - 18:17
A Vacheron model on one arm...
10/16/2015 - 14:12

and a fashion model on the other.  Nice!  Or maybe one on each arm.  If I had to pick one, I'd pick the watch.  My other arm is already taken!

Re: Busy week in Shanghai
10/16/2015 - 20:24
I would guess the one was j j reddick. Nice video with him here : www.hodinkee.com/articles/talking-watches-with-jj-redick
In the VC tradition...
10/17/2015 - 02:37

I believe discretion is the better part of valor.  So I will neither confirm nor deny.  smiley


Re: In the VC tradition...
10/17/2015 - 17:03
Always a sound policy. I do believe it is hard to be discreet when you do a video on a major watch site and you are a professional athlete. Regardless, it is very cool to see that they are as passionate about the watch making and not just buying a rolex.