buy VC watches with confidence, as a stock analyst would have written.

the evidence? from my personal experience with the VC service centre in Hong Kong, with sending my ref 6782 back to Geneva. 

not satisfied with the existing condition with the peeled inlay of the hands and a shabby crown, i have decided to send the watch to geneva for a quotation. i also wanted to know whether the dealer who sold the watch to me provided the right numbers of the said watch and eager to view the regarded movement in real, and possibly take some pictures to add to my article. so on the next day of receiving my watch, i visited the newly opened service centre in kowloon, tsimshatsui, at the ex- marine HQ. 

i was greeted with a friendly smile by miss cathy cheung, that moment, i know i am in the right placebuy VC watches with confidence, as a stock analyst would have written.. i explained my needs, but was disappointed because they do not have the right tools at the office, but it is reasonable as this is a vintage ! then she introduced her watch technician, mr chan, to have me explain what i wanted for the watch. mr chan was very helpful and surprisingly also passionate about watches, so we started a good conversation on watches buy VC watches with confidence, as a stock analyst would have written.. he then said he would help by asking his colleagues in the factory to help with matching the numbers i have given and possibly take a picture for me to evaluate.

3 days passed, and today, while driving to work, cathy called me on my cell and told me she sent some pictures of the movement for me and said the numbers matches with what i had given , which VC verified correct. i am exhilarated and sped back to my office for the pics. 

boy! i am on top of the world! it turned out looking as new exceeding my expectation! i am really on a roll !!! it looks like this : 

buy VC watches with confidence, as a stock analyst would have written.

ok , enough of boasting! buy VC watches with confidence, as a stock analyst would have written.

the point is, this is my best experience with any service centre of any brand, even PP. none had gone the extra mile except this incidence!
watches, on top of its quality, has to ensure the continuation of serviceability to be passed down generations, and VC has a proven record of continuation since 1755. buy VC watches with confidence, as a stock analyst would have written.

so guys, buy with confidence.

as a stock analyst would have sign off.

with vested interest

its refreshing to hear that not only you have a great watch but had
10/17/2009 - 02:59
great service
i think it is really called a service(literally) for vintage watches.
10/19/2009 - 08:07
i believe not many houses are willing and have the parts for their vintage. i believe this service will be rewarded in time.
great to hear of your positive experience with VC sevice...
10/18/2009 - 01:43
So far, all I have read here was only nagging about long time, taking forever to complete and rather low quality of the service done. Turns out it is not that bad in reality. So this actually leads me to believe watch colletors have very high expectations as to the service in general. Hope VC will continue to strengthen their service centers throughout the world because you know it too well, our babies do deserve the best of treatment available   
i definitely wish for faster service, however, if they need time to ..
10/19/2009 - 08:18
do it properly, i can understand too. i think the long service time also depends on what is being done to the watch.  for my watch, i only wish for a service , change of hands and crown, for a quick re-unification. that is why i send it back immediatley after receipt. i would have enjoyed it for a while before calling for a service, if its hands haven't peeled and the crown is in good state. i wouldn't like to be reminded of its incompleteness whenever it is strapped on.
Aaron my friend,
10/18/2009 - 14:41
these could have been my own words. I said it before, I am so mature that I been through some ups and downs, the painted art are always what get hurted first, because you buy it for show. The watches you buy for yourselves and that's why it keeps it value. Cheers Doc
indeed priceless as we don't sell them, as these are treasure in our..
10/19/2009 - 08:38
Great story, nice to hear that VC provided a first-class service! (nt)
10/20/2009 - 01:28