Buying first VC. Advice needed

Hello everyone,

I just registred on this forum after being a Rolex collector for 7 yeards and timezone member. I decided to add a nice and interesting dress watcfh to my  Roelx collection and decided that it has to be either a Patek or a VC. I really know very little about this brands compared to how much I know about Rolex, Omega and Breitling that I used to collect. Could someone help me and enlighten me about the following:

1. Is VC just as good as a Patek? If they are, why does VC depreciates more than Patek?
2. Which woudl you choose a Patek Calatrava or a VC Patrimony?
3. If I choose a VC, which watch woudl you recommned given a limited budget. Is it possible to find a VC for around 10K?
4. Finally, I really like the Vacheron Constantin les Historiques Chronograph ref. 47101. Woudl you recomend it over a VC Patrimony?

Thank you all so much for any input or advice that you can provice!
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