Buying Preowned Overseas: Need Help!

I am in the process of buying a preowned VC Overseas (new style). I am picking it up for $8750.00 The watch was recently polished and appears close to mint. IT DOES HAVE A VERY VERY TINY NICK on the case, its so small it can hardly be noticed.

QUESTION: Good deal?

QUESTION: What year did they redesign the Overseas?

QUESTION: Can the nick be removed during VC servicing?

QUESTION: Whats the cost for a 5 year service from VC?


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10/27/2007 - 16:22


1- Its hard to comment on price, I'll let others do so

2- The new version was launched in 2004

3- If the nick is really tiny polishing it should be no problem

4- Cost of service depends on what needs to be done so there is no definitive answer but count at least $500 minimum

Thanks Alex!
10/27/2007 - 17:07

Thanks for the reply Alex.

I owned the old style Overseas a few years back and sold it. It broke my heart when I ended up wearing a Submariner. The Rolex felt so Cheap and Poorly Designed compared to the VC. I always regretted it. I saw this watch on Ebay and was able to reel it in at $8750.00 I am no expert but I assume these watches aren't going for much under that range although I really wanted to pay 8500.00 The bright spot is that in the end I own the updated version which looks much more contemporary. I am selling my Planet Ocean and Submariner in order to finance this wonderful timepiece. Now I am forced to buy some sort of cheap watch to wear on "off" days!!

QUESTION: Where Can I find the manufacturing date by using the serial number? I know it was purchased at Gray & Sons here in Florida.

BTW: If anyone has sent in an Overseas for full service please tell me what the cost was and the lead time.  Any Suggestions For Buying A $100-$200.00 "Beater Watch"?


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10/27/2007 - 17:10

I was wondering about the price I paid but neglected to mention its a SS CHRONO.

Great choice and wear it in good health. There is no specific way
10/27/2007 - 17:35

to find date of production using serial numbers, you can however ask VC directly when you send the watch in for service.