Caliber 1015 - Any Help appreciated.

The 20 jewel Caliber 1015 seems something of an obscurity - I have heard some disquieting remarks about AP version  Cal 2080 - basically it is a tricky and fikle movement - well made,unremarkable,but possibly over engineered.Is the movement a free sprung balance and is it difficult to maintain/service  - any good,or bad remarks would be appreciated.


Dr Strangelove
Re: Caliber 1015 - details.
08/06/2009 - 11:31
Round movement. 20.80 mm in diameter or 9''' (linien), height 2.20 mm, glucydur balance,  KIF Elastor BS shock-absorber, 20 jewels, 21.600 vph, no second and manual winding. Sorry I dont have any pic. Doc
photo from Tic Talk
08/06/2009 - 12:11
It is not free sprung....
08/06/2009 - 14:37
Most movements used by VC are not free sprung. Historically, you will only find the free sprung balance in the 1001/1, 1002/1, 1072/1, and some early examples of the 1120. The 1015 is a very small movement. In terms of both beauty and prestige, I would seek out a watch with caliber 1003 instead. Bill
Hi Bill, I belive this cal. 1017 is a bit alike?
08/06/2009 - 18:53
It's inside the Jalousie, and actually the watch is more beautiful on the outside... But the worst is still this beautiful watch and this terrible back The same movement that's inside the Omega Speedmaster Moon Bill, do you have any pic of a cal. 1015,  I have one but can't find it now after I changed to a new PC Take care  and let's keep in touch, BTW I'm Grandfather now Doc
I don't see the resemblance between the 1015 and the 1017
08/08/2009 - 19:35
and I much prefer the latter. I don't know what VC was thinking in using that non-column wheel chronograph in the Medicus (the most finely finished version of that movement ever, I'm sure, but who cares?). Great case. Great dial. I know of one guy who owned it. Hi Alex. ;-) Bill
loved the Medicus design/look wise but just couldn't get over the
08/09/2009 - 11:25
fact it was non comumn wheel
Rember I said to you Alex,
08/10/2009 - 22:32
that I would have bought one if it had a closed back , and I still would! Doc