Caliber 1202

I want to buy a VC for my wife.
I wonder why VC does not produce self winding watches for women as Blancpain or Breguet?

It seems to me that quartz watches (and thus mechanisms) are cheap so I now do not feel that I will be buying a real VC if I buy a quartz watch from VC.

Is there anyone who could give me information regarding the caliber 1202?

Is it produced by VC?

Best regards,

Sinan Yuruker

VC did produce mechanical watches for women but the brand
03/13/2010 - 09:51
realised that the majority of woment didn't really care about the type of movement in their watch and most in fact didn't want the hasle of needing to wind or set the watch which explains the fact that the quasi majority of the VC lady's offerings have a quartz movement (some of the Kalla watches have mechanical ones). I think that cam 1202 is either from Piguet or GP but will get back to you on this.