Caliber 458/3B

Can any member tell me what was the production run for this caliber,I think it dates from the 1940's - but do not know when it ended.With movements this old,what about servicing,or replacing parts ?


Dr Strangelove
I don't have production dates or numbers but servicing should
08/15/2009 - 12:25
be of no problem as VC has all the spare parts
Cal. 458/3B
08/16/2009 - 01:51
A beautiful movement! Diam. 20.60 mm, () linien or 9''') , height 3.30 mm, Breguet spirale, 18.000 vph, 17 spphires, manual and chronometre quality! Comes of Cal. 457.
BTW inside this watch,
08/16/2009 - 01:53
Loves those lugs Doc
Re: Cal. 458/3B - thank you my friends.
08/16/2009 - 03:12
Thanks for your responses so far and what a lovely movement in a nice retro style watch doc !