calibre 1003 with "strange" ref

Hello to everyone,

I am a great VC admirer (but not an owner, yet)  and I ask you for help: I've found a white gold VC ref. number 7244, with original (?) papers from '76 ref C3.7244 mov. 598194 with "c 18" jewels. The calibre is marked 1003/1 with 17 jewels.

I had never heard about that reference, anyone can help?

Thanks alot to everyone who will bring some light!


Re: calibre 1003 with "strange" ref
03/29/2015 - 17:58

Can you elaborate on what you find strange with the reference?  C3 signifies white gold and 7244 is the model number.  I don't have a catalog picture of that particular model but it fits in with the series of ultrathin men's dress watches on bracelet.  You have the movement serial number so once you obtain the case serial number (should also be on the papers), you can send to our moderator Alex or any VC dealer/boutique to confirm the year of manufacture.  Please return and post an introduction if you purchase.