calibre 2450

I am definitely amazed by the beauty and refinement that the VC calibre 2450 and it's derivatives display. Are all of the metal parts contained in the cal. 2450 milled or are some of them stamped from sheet metal? Are there any pictures of it's keyless works? Thank you!

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stamped parts give me the shivers :-( ! No the components in the
12/30/2007 - 10:14

2450 are all milled. Here's an underdial view:

 VC are really doing a fantastic job in the movement finish of their inhouse calibers! A thread on movement finish which may be of interest:

Funny you posted the link to that thread Alex
12/31/2007 - 02:42

I was just reading that thread two days ago while doing a research on Patrimony Contemporaine.  My simple wish for 2008 is to add one more watch to my small collection.  I was thinking either a Lange 1 or this VC.  Your description of 2450 in that thread convinced me that I would go for the VC.  It will be the only automatic watch in my collection and should go well with the only other VC I have, Les Historique Chrono.  Now only which metal to get.   I want PG but YG is also so nice because in my mind somehow YG looks so right for a simple, classic VC.  Oh well, I need to save up for a while so I still have time to decide.

The watch I want

The watch I have

It would definately be a good addition to your collection. A new
12/31/2007 - 11:24

automatic Patrimony Contemporaine without date was launched in certain markets a few months ago and will be globally available in April/May next year...this is just in case you prefer a model without date.

Thanks Alex...
01/01/2008 - 01:55

Thanks for the helpful link Alex! I had a good feeling that the cal. 2450 had all milled parts considering VC is one of the very best in the business.

About 6 months ago, I sent an e-mail to the VC commission department about an Overseas with cal. 2450 and sapphire caseback. I have not heard anything from them since. Is this normal for them to take this long or have they forgotten my request? Thank you!

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Hi Mike did you send your mail to Dominique Bernaz? You should send
01/01/2008 - 12:16

again because he always answers in a very short while and your email must have gotten "lost".

The sun in case!!
01/29/2008 - 09:45

Hi mikesprang .

I discovered the sun on the watchmaker’s desk. It is Cal.2450. In a beautiful Pelrarju pattern, the fact that worked patiently and politely was seen.





Thank you.