Can anyone provide information about this watch

I am trying to obtain more information about the history of my Vacheron Constantin watch, and I have been recommended to use your forum

My father bought it new from Harrods in London in 1976. Apparently he received a call from the head of their fine watch department whom he knew saying that he had a special offer he might be interested in. I acquired the watch in 2004, but unfortunately have no original papers or the original box.

I now have a certificate of authenticity from VC after having had the watch completely renovated, and have listed the details below.

Model 33012/102
Case Number 501776
Movement Number 633645
Year of manufacture 1976

In 18K yellow gold, rounded trapeze-shaped, two-body, bezel and middle decorated, flat back, screwed, Makers mark, key Nr 27

Caliber 9" - 1003, 17 jewels, Swiss lever escapement, beryllium balance with screws, flat balance-spring, simple regulator, recessed escape-wheel, rhodium-plated bras movement, "Cotes de Geneve" decoration, hallmark of Geneva

Gilt, rounded trapeze-shaped, vertically satined, 13 lapidated baton indexes with a thin black line. Yellow gold pointed batons hands with a thin black line

In 18K yellow gold, soldered to the middle

I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Perhaps you can tell me how many model 33012 watches were produced, when production started and ended, and particularly whether it may be a near 'one off'. When I took the watch to your offices in London to be sent off for the refurbishment, the person I saw there said they had seen similar watches, but never one with this particular shape. Was it perhaps made to order for a Harrods customer who later decided not to take delivery, and thus explaining the way in which the watch was offered to my father.

A lot of the details on the certificate mean nothing to me, e.g. Makers mark key No 27, Caliber 1003 etc. so perhaps you can enlighten me

I look forward to hearing from you
Can anyone provide information about this watch
Hi Chas, you pretty much have all the info in
03/15/2010 - 17:44
the certificate, however regarding production this ref was made until the very early 80s in yello and white gold with different dials and bracelets. I do not have production numbers, this is not a one off. Cal 1003 refers to the typ of movement which is the thinnest manual wind movement in existence at 1.64mm thickness.