Can u please help me with my complaint,

Hello, I own a overseas chronograph model , Reference: 49150/000W-9501 That i bought here from turkey istanbul, the alligator bracelet that came with it had some defections wearing after a while and i switched it with the rubber one. My plan is to order a new alligator bracelet and wear this rubber one until recived it. But in the mean time first, i ve been told that the company was closed during august so i couldnt order, i went back to the dealer i bought on september they asked for my bracelet to send it to geneva so there wont be any mistakes. So i gave it to them. Ive been told that it was going to take few weeks. When i went back i figured that store i bought it from is closed. And i cant get a hold of anyone!. They are just dissapeared, and dont get me wrong this was a store on the most premium shopping mall in istanbul. No one to place my complaints no costumer relations to recieve help about the issue. How can i place a new order, how can i reach these guys who closed their store or anyone from VC?? Thanks, Regards, Imge
Oh that's unfortunate :-( can you please give me the name of the store
01/09/2013 - 20:39
I'll see what can be done