Can you tell me if this is a real one??

I have some doubt about this watch so please can you help me .

I am no expert...
03/22/2016 - 21:27

So take my answer as "input", not as definitive until some experts weight in.  To me, that looks completely fake.  Movement finish seems to be well below VC standard.  The aesthtic looks off too, but I am definitely not well-versed in the myriad Vacheron dial designs.  To me, the movement is a telltale that this is absolutely fake.  (Although closer pictures may help.)  Would be interested in the story behind this watch.  Where did you see it?  Has it been offered to you for sale and described as authentic?

Re: I am no expert...
03/22/2016 - 22:48

somebody offered this watch to my mother in law about 5 years ago. she showed me the watch last Sunday so i was wondering if this could be a real one.

Wouldn't a Watch that age be Vacheron & Constantin
03/22/2016 - 22:38

Like JTodd, I'm no expert either (Alex can tell with more certainty.) On a viseral level, the fonts don't seem to go together--old and new mix. Also, a watch that (alleged) age would be Vacheron & Constantin; not Vacheron Constantin without the '&' or 'et.' But, not being an expert; these comment should be taken with a grain of salf or a dry martini.

It's a fake (nt)
03/23/2016 - 01:59
Re: Can you tell me if this is a real one??
03/23/2016 - 02:54

Your doubts are quite justified.

This is not a real Vacheron.