Case Back Reference Numbers

Can Alex or anyone tell me the meaning of the second set of numbers on this case back 398540, above the model reference number 6694?

Is it the case serial number or the movement serial number and should they be the same?

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Case Back Reference Numbers

that's just the case number and normally it doesn't match the
05/06/2008 - 00:59

movement number.

What about reference numbers?
05/06/2008 - 02:15

Thanks Alex  

Would you know the meaning of a hyphenated "-2" added to the end of a reference/model number?  One of my pieces is marked as 6394-2.

probably indicates a second series with certain modifications but I
05/06/2008 - 14:10

need to look into this.

That would be greatly appreciated Alex :-)
05/06/2008 - 19:13


This is it!
05/06/2008 - 21:36

The number of in this case(!) 6 digits are the number of the watch, and when it's done.

I'll think I can read 398..., which would mean it's made about 1993-1995.

The movement number is always a higher numbe, since VC have made more movements than watches.

It can sometimes fool you, because if they made a big serie, and put some on the shelves,

it could happen that they used the movement 10-20 years later, yes even later

6694 is the so called Reference number, or you could say model.

Ref. 6694

In this case(!) it's a R¤oyal Chronometer, like this

Am I right

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V&C Reference Numbers are Fascinating....
05/06/2008 - 22:33

because there seems to be many variations under the same model number.  While the 6694 models share the basic batwing-lug case, I've seen different dials, hands, metals and finishes.  It really gives me an appreciation of V&C's atelier approach to watchmaking back in the day.

With several versions covered under one model reference number, I'm wondering what the addition of a hyphenated number after the model reference could mean?  I have one piece that is a 6394-2

For vintage VC's
05/07/2008 - 00:54

the ref# like vintage Patek's where more about the design of the case according to and article I read from Antiquorum some time ago.

In this book,
05/07/2008 - 01:27

which I really want everyone of you to have,

on page 404 there is is picture of a watch from 1936,

I happen to have this

and the case back looks like this,

What do you see, you see something I haven't notice until now ,

that it have import hallmarks from London, from 1937, it's the B .

I have never seen it before, but what I am aiming at, is that under the case number you se a 3,

which I, Doc, believe is the number 3 of a certain model, they didn't have References yet!

Because if you look at the number, of the one in the World  of VC, it's 261485, and mine is 261483,

which I interpret, as they made at least 3 of the model,

probably not more since my have a lower number than that in the book.

Yes my dear friend, it ain't easy

but d-mned fun




Re: In this book,
05/07/2008 - 02:28

The problem, Doc, is that the book, although full of reference photos just goes to 1938; and as I recall VC did make a few watches after that LOL (couldn't resist!)

I haven't found anything with the same sort of reference photos for the period 1938-2000. I suppose some of the auction catalogues are OK but there are very few out there from before 1990.



LOL, yes Joseph you are right,
05/07/2008 - 15:19

it's hard to get information about "modern vintage"!

That's why I'm so lucky stucked in the Art Deco

I have Antiquorum catalogues from 1994 and forwards,

but luckily for me the Bible for me, is "World of Vacheron Constantin",

since it covers extremely well "my" period

BTW, it's a pity that the new management of Antiquorum is "hiding" the old auctionresults,

before you could get back, and find all about the past auction watches,

like case and movement numbers, now it's gone 

Take care


Doc, you are a source of knowledge.
05/07/2008 - 11:16

How do you know the corresponding numbers vs production dates? Because it's so helpful...

BTW, I found maybe a way to get this book soon (just cross fingers!)


I promise you some very nice reading, and
05/07/2008 - 15:21


when you have it send me a mail and I'll tell you something...