Catalogue of past VC's?

Hi there, 

Is there a catalogue of all/most Vacheron Constantin watches that have ever been released with year of release and estimated current value/price?


LOL, they're called Auction Catalogs
06/08/2014 - 18:47

1755 to present would make it rather unwieldy wink.  Kidding aside (although hard to resist, I mean, really...), it was the introduction of the photo reference catalogs in 1904 which initiated organized documentation, as compared with records of individual pieces.  Series production from 1938 onwards produced the model references that one conventionally thinks of.  There is a lamentible dearth of info from this period until 1974 and the post-& era.

If you are just talking about the modern period from the 1970s onwards; there were sales catalogs published, with price lists by market.  Some have already been posted here by forum members and may be found in Recommended section.