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Hello again. As you may remember from my first a few days ago, I received this fantastic vintage VC in 18k white gold (probably made in 1966 ref: 6564) as a gift from my gradma. Unfortunately she couldn't find the original box and neither the original papers that came with it. As I wrote in my previous post this is my first watch so I'm a total beginner in this fantastic world of watch collection. My question is this. Since I have no original papers or box for this watch and I have no clue about how much it is worth, and from what is my understanding asking VC for a Certificate of authenticity is quite expensive, would you advise me to get a CoA for my watch? By the way I have no intention of selling this wonderful watch, the certificate would be just for me to pass on to my son in the future. Thanks and I wish you all a wonderful day
a much cheaper solution would be requesting an
01/12/2016 - 15:36

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