Certificate of authenticity within VC

hello to all,

I lately bought a certificate of authenticity of a vintage Chronomètre Royal from Vacheron Constantin: I would like to do a few remarks:

- pros are :

--you are cheerly welcomed at VC boutique by a well-informed person,

--you get very nice certificate with a (so-so) picture (BTW is the picture/print UV proof in order to last ?)

--you get a nice leather travel pouch,

BUT, the major cons:

- the price 914,6 CHF (=565,6 € = 897,4 $) is way to expensive and even more when compared to other brands (PP, IWC)

I understand, VC is getting revenue from its well-made archives but this is expensive for individual collectors like myself: what should you do if you are a VC vintage collector with several pieces ? I would like VC to think about it: and create some  formulas : here are a  few ideas : special fee for multiples pieces ? in exchange of lending timepieces ? special Loungers price ?

I have added some pictures of a late acquisition requested by some loungers. Sorry but scans have been shot with a 3.2 MB telephone...

Have a lovely summertime !

BernyCertificate of authenticity within VC

Certificate of authenticity within VC

Dear Bernard, what a nice vintage, Alex, need help - what about the
07/17/2008 - 20:51

HL Club Members with huge advantage...

Re: What a beauty!
07/17/2008 - 21:41

That's a really beautiful watch, berny.

You are a very fortunate person to own such a vintage piece.

Congratulations! Wear it in good health.

BTW what movement does it contain?



Re: Certificate of authenticity within VC
07/17/2008 - 23:08

Although I prefer vintage V & C with small seconds...

I would forget those in a "small second" for this one!

Stunning, an absolute beauty! Wear in good health, Miki

BTW: My last letter of Authenticity from PP was $75.US

difference between certificate of authenticity and extract from the
07/17/2008 - 23:26


Berny I know what you feel and this CAO is damn expensive!!

The upside is that it is exactly what it says, a Certificate of Authenticity, that's why they ask to see the watch and VC takes the responsability to certify the birth of the watch with such dialn movement and case. PP's Extract from the Archives is much cheaper but it just states that a watch with a specific case and movement number were made by the brand.

In a sad world where more and more fake vintage pieces can be found (any crook can take a case and movement number off an auction catalogue and put it on the watch and ask for a certificate which wil state that such a watch did exist but that doesn't mean that the watch you have is genuine) a certificate of authenticity can be a good to have but once again I agree on the steep price. Supposedly the brand was thinking of a way to lower the price...let's wait and see.

Gorgeous watch Berny. You probably know that your watch actually was used as an inspiration for the Mercator case.

Re: difference between certificate of authenticity and extract from the
07/18/2008 - 00:40

Another reason why Alex is "The Don". Needless to say you are absolutely correct.

I have a "Letter from the Archives" and not a "Letter of Authenticity", big difference.

Once again Luca will kiss the Godfather's ring and pledge everlasting devotion. Miki

Luca is a gentleman :-) Let me tell you a little known yet very
07/18/2008 - 12:10

interesting story about the extract from the archives.

A few years ago an amazingly rare Patek was featured on the cover of a major auction house. However the day of the auction the watch, which was the star of the sale, somehow got hammered really fast and without the addo that goes with this kind of watch and the auction house remained rather quiet about it. It turns out that the day of the sale some guy shows up with an extract form the archives for the exact same watch and the watch was in fact retrieved from the sale until it was figured out which one was the real McCoy!!!

Re: difference between certificate of authenticity and extract from the
07/18/2008 - 11:03

To share my experience, I contacted the VC concierge through the telephone # listed on the VC website and gave him the serial #s for the movement and case to an antique Chronometre Royal pocketwatch.  VC went through their archives and provided me whatever information there is for free.  I thought this was very nice and gracious of them. 

I know the archive info is not the same as a CoA, as Alex described so well, but it gives me some valuable information to start with.  Since I don't know the provenance of pocketwatch, I'm still going to send it in, primarily for a full servcing of the watch and while its in the hands of VC, spend the money for a CofA.

BR, Dan

Re: Certificate of authenticity within VC
07/21/2008 - 00:00

I agree with you Bernard: it's much too expensive even if the work and the certification are done...

Something should be done prior to Loungers and VC collectors.

the price is right, but do we need it?
07/22/2008 - 02:03

I think that the price is justified for the work done (well, I certainly hope they actually do something rather than just look at the watch and make a computer database search): if someone who can pretty much be called an expert spends 1-2 hours on the watch (using his/her "expert opinion" and doing a bit fo research),  then $900 is not a high price. I can guess that is not much more than the actual labor cost of that person to VC (and related people, admin, etc...).

The whole point is do we actually want this? I think they should introduce a cheaper "extract from the archives" as a cheap option people can choose rather than the COA. Fro very expensiev watches the COA would be fine, but for "cheaper" vintages, it becomes a real burden.

So, we need to lobby VC.