Chinese Dragon Dial

Well, it's finally happened!  Back in May one of our discussions wandered off to the topic of Chinese dragons and the suggestion that such beautiful artwork could find it's way onto the dial of a Vacheron timepiece.  Alex's reply was mysterious but encouraging...and now I see why according to a new press release:

To celebrate the opening of the new flagship boutique in Hong Kong, and honoring the brand's long history with China, the Swiss manufacture introduces a very exclusive limited series of 3 "Dragons" watches, each of them available in only 9 numbered pieces, only available at 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong, Vacheron Constantin Mansions in Geneva & Shanghai and Vacheron Constantin boutique in Moscow.

These timepieces featuring dragons on the dial, Chinese symbol of prosperity, creative and divine strength, are hand-made with Métiers d'Art ancestral Guilloché work. The motif stems, calling for exceptional dexterity, are from the alternating use of two machines: one to engine-turn straight lines; and the other curves and circles as if on a lathe. This original combination of these two techniques has made it possible to create non-geometrical patterns entirely different to anything that has been done before.

As the result, the design is composed of irregular lines and a multitude of details with variously coloured metallized coatings, which takes Guilloché well beyond its traditional role as an abstract geometrical decoration to achieve the status of a figurative art in its own right. 

Chinese Dragon Dial
Image courtesy of PuristsPro
Thanks for the update, any pics of the back? (nt)
09/04/2009 - 17:18
Alex, can you help? (nt)
09/07/2009 - 20:27
I'll post real life scans soon (nt)
09/07/2009 - 22:31
Re: Chinese Dragon Dial
09/09/2009 - 14:44

Western artists seldom get the dragon pattern right, but this one is perfectly guilloche, actually, everything  of the dial is perfect  Wordless beauty! Pictures of the back, PLEASE

that's probably because the guillocheur who did these dials is from
09/09/2009 - 17:35