Christie's April 24 auction results

Yesterday April 24 Christie's New York held an auction with some rather intersting Vacheron Constantin's. Some of the rare watches which I though would do wll did not sell (high reserve? condition? don't know) and others which were under the radar in the past years did rather well:

Lot 26 Toledo 1952 in platinum (limited to 200 pieces) estimate $17.000-$25.000 more than doubles its low estimate and went for a whopping $37000!!

Christie's April 24 auction results

scan courtesy of Paul Boutros

Lot 27 Ref 247: platinum open dial retrograde calendar made in 247 pieces. estimate $ 20.000-$30.000 sold for $32,200

Christie's April 24 auction results

Lot 28 Tourbillon (ref REF. 30050) twin barrel spring with power reserve indication made in the mid 90s estimate $50.000-$80.000 sold for $ 73,000

Christie's April 24 auction results

Lot 43: pink gold curved rectangular watch with hooded lugs circa 1937 estimate $10.000-$15.000 usold (Christie's April 24 auction results)

Christie's April 24 auction results

Lot 142 Ref 6087: Also called "Cornes de vache" (cow horns) this is VC's first water restistant cased chronograph. Made in only 36 pieces (YG and rose gold) circa 1960. Estimate $50.000-$70.000 Unsold (even with a refurbished dial I would have loved to own this watch)!

Christie's April 24 auction results

Lot 255 Jubilee 1755 (PG): specially made for the brand's 250th anniversary in 2005 in 500 pieces Estimate$25.000-$30.000 Unsold

Christie's April 24 auction results

Lot 256 Jubilee 1755 (plat) limited to 250 pieces Estimate $30.000-$50.000  sold for $43,000

Christie's April 24 auction results

Good results, still !
04/25/2008 - 19:38

It's my experience, after following auctions of watches and art for many years,

that the watchprices goes nearly untouched by the econiomical situation!

The traditional art is more clearly following the bourses!

My personal opinion is that, the traditional art, like a Chagall, Renoir, or a sculpture,

like this, a bronze sculpture from 1930, follow the bourses....

The difference between watches and other collections, is the visibility,

everyone who enters our living room see this sculpture,

but nobody notice what's on my wrist



04/27/2008 - 06:02

Dear Doc & JB,

Anyone looking at your wrist would have to get by your cuff-links first,    A very handsome panther you have.  Is it one of your acquisitions ? 

Thanks for the insight into aution house history and DS Landes.  I initially thought you had a disaffinity for Christie's due to past dealings.  

I plan to read Landes' and Gould's pubs, based on your all's reccomended primers on horology.

Again, Thank you both for the diirection.


Nothing against Christie's!
04/27/2008 - 11:43

I have bought from them several times,

but you always have to be aware that you are dealing with human beings

Sometimes they know enough, and sometimes they doesn't.

I don't think  any of the big Auctionhouses do this knowingly,

but sometimes, especially when it comes to exspensive things,

they should just try a bit harder

Most of all, you can't belive a thing to be "real" just because of the seller's name.

That's easy to fall into that trap.

And to be as sure as possible you have to learn the hard way,

which I have and all aficionados, one day you realise it's a "Franken watch",

by which we means, it's put together of different part's, in my case both VC case and movement,

but from different time, they were not "born together".

Sometimes it's not even a VC movement,

especially when it comes to older chronographs, because all brands, VC, PP AP, JLC,

and many more, used the same ebauches, nowadays it's easy to earse a name,

and put Vacheron&Constantin instead, and make a lot of easy money. E-ay is full of them!!

So always be careful, and 100% you can only be with a certificate from VC,

but on the other hand you can't pay for that, for every watch, since they are

nearly as exspensive as a cheap VC

Yep, the panther is ours, but in this case from Sotheby's



From these results, it looks like PT LE's are the order of the day
04/26/2008 - 07:19

I should have swiped Radek's PT Toledo, and JohnLy's (I think it was JohnLy's) PT Jubilee while they were busy trying on the QdI at the VC dinner!

Yep, I like the fact of the PT LE's growing up in demand...
04/26/2008 - 11:26

you know Kazumi, you RG Jubilee and Patrimony boutique would have been endangered at the time too

You are right, Radek. But that will be my family's problem since
04/27/2008 - 06:46

I don't intend to let go of those two in this lifetime.  Not at this point at least.

Kazumi my friend I know you too well...
04/27/2008 - 11:40

 You are already planning on another addition to your family - if you know what I mean. And my wildest guess would be: a Grands Explorateurs, right? It will happen, I'm sure, sometime down the road