chronograph mid 40

Hello everyone, i was about to buy a watch on the internet, but was not 100% positive about its authenticity.
It is a 35mm mid 40's chronograph in rose gold from vacheron and constantin. 
i am attaching pictures to this message.


For now i have gathered these informations :

the movement is probably a valjoux 23 (they seem to have been used by v&c since 1938)

the serial number on the movement is correct for a mid 40 watch

the VXN sign means it was a watch imported to be sold on the US


The doubts i have are the followings :

-first, i never saw a dial with these types of numbers, and it just seems too clean for its age.

-on the movement, the vacheron & constantin signature is behind some wheels, quite hard to read, is it something v&c used to do back then? Seems odd.

-on the back case, the serial number only have 4 digits when it is supposed to have 6, right?


That is all the info i have, can you please help me to solve the mistery of its authenticity?
I went to vacheron & constantin shop in paris with these pics and they were not able to give me a 100% sure answer but were doubtfull too.

Besides if you believe it is an original, can you advise me on a right price to buy it?

Thanks a lot.




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Re: chronograph mid 40
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Hi Jonas

Wait for a more expert opinion but it looks 'wrong' to my eye.

If you must buy on-line, I strongly suggest that you only buy watches from reputable jewellery stores; even then, check out the company to make sure they have a brick and mortar building or, better still, buildings.

Yes, it will cost a little more, but you will know that you are getting what you are paying for.

However, having said that, you were wise to run it past this forum first.


02/14/2016 - 17:58

Glad to stopped by here first.  Vintage V&C chronographs are too often faked and, in this case, its a fiction from top to bottom. 

Even the bigger retailers and auction houses can pass more subtle fakes.  This one OTOH isn't even a franken, blantantly made to deceive broken heart.

02/14/2016 - 18:21

Thanks you guys for your answers, can you please explain though what details make you sure it is a fake?Thanks a lot.



02/14/2016 - 18:35

Of course your question is expected, but the info is out there for a diligent collector.  There are major problems with the dial, case, and movement.  You've already noted the improper case number, and there is another tell-tale with that component.  The dial has an obvious flaw (from what can be seen), and the movement has a couple of problems.  These can all be identified by comparing with legitimate examples.  Others may provide the answers, but I'll be most happy to respond to your observations.