Chronomètre Royal cal 1096 from 70's

Reading the excellent report on the Chronomètre Royal by Alex and I was caught by the clean design of the 70’s version with cal 1096. It’s a lovely looking watch. Does anybody know more or have experiences about this one? Any owner in lounge? Maybe with some nice pictures? I saw one version with dark gray dial on ebay Italy but the pics weren’t good enough…however the price was very…but I don’t much about this one…


Thnx in advance




its a peculiar watch in VC's history....
12/12/2007 - 22:16

a "sports" Chronometre Royal whith a movement used only in this model and not in any other VC, it also stayed in production for a short period of time with no model looking like it before and non after!

Its a bit of a UFO in VC's history!!! 

AP had a similar looking model in the early 80s under the Royal Oak name, it was quartz and didn't look at all like a Royal Oak!

me strange...
12/12/2007 - 23:24 like peculiar watch...very very much...but seriously...maybe it is because of its "odd" design...but if it really hos got the same quality on its movement as the rest of the chronomêtre royal line...then it must be a great purchase..if found in good shape..

As usual, thanks for the quick reply Alex. Dastet dard nakone!


me stranger...
12/12/2007 - 23:50

this is the kindda watch I'm likin'

ok seriously...
12/13/2007 - 00:04

...I think Urwerk shows great capability in engineering with their so simple but so spectacular design with the moving hours – especially the latest one where the four armed disc is replaced by three armed pyramid heads with 4 numbers per arm…way too cool!!

I read in one of the forums that Putin has ordered a special designed 103 series with the Russian eagles on it!! But the design is way too cool for me…I am not that cool :)

-Xerxes...not so cool

Based on JLC cal. 906
12/13/2007 - 02:00

I did some checking on the VC 1096 awhile back and found a pic of the base JLC 906's a bit of an ugly duckling.  The VC version has a partial gold rotor but still very odd.

Thanks Tick-Talk
12/13/2007 - 02:13

It seems to be a very shortlived movement...I have checked the JLC forums and very few know about this one...the question is how much did it follow the "quality line" of the Chronomêtre Royal series...or if it just rode on the wave...

Thanks again for your answer


the case of this VC is reminiscent of the PP Nautilus...
12/13/2007 - 14:43

...actually, it should be the other way around...

both were launched in 1976 so I'm not sure the ressemblance is
12/13/2007 - 15:33

volontary. It could also be that the CR with cal 1096 was also designed by Genta thus the family ressemblance

Come on Bill :-)
12/13/2007 - 10:14