chronometre royal with calibre 1008,on the inside of the case back should habe a reference number?

my english is very poor. i am focus on old discussions , it will help me to learn a lot of knowledge.

one discussion said  that  after 1950 the inside of the case bacl will also have a reference number.

but i saw some chronometre royal with calibre 1008 , didnot have a ref .number.  

the first pic  from chrono24

the second pic from  Steve G    he said it was made in 1960s.

both of them didnot have a ref. no   on the inside of the case back  


Re: chronometre royal with calibre 1008,on the inside of the case back should habe a reference number?
06/18/2016 - 08:36

this one ,  case number and calibre no  is before the  Steve G ’s  .made by a same case factory   .

this one have  a ref. no  on the inside of the case back.

I don't know why is it .

General Rules and Practices
06/18/2016 - 09:21

HI,  as we've discussed before on several occassions...for every general rule/policy through the history of VC manufacturing, there is always the possibility of exceptions.

When we talk about vintage watches, none of the manufacturers, retailers or customers ever expected that end-users would ever see the inside of these watches.  The only people expected to see what was inside were the watchmakers that would provide maintenance/service.

This is why these guidelines that we collectors today have discovered by studying vintage watches and history are never absolute.  There is always room for exceptions and things to be discovered later on.  This is true of history, science, and life smiley

For the two watches that you showed, as long as the serial numbers between the movements and cases can be confirmed by VC to be a proper match (and not faked)....any other detail is much less significant.

I have a Ref. 6340 from 1965 with the same maker's mark as SteveG's Ref. 6340.  Mine has the number engraved on the case, his does not.

The same can be said for the engraving on other watch you saw on Chrono24.

Not having absolute rules always makes things more difficult to understand, but that's life in general.  And VC being 261 years old has lived a very long time and has many examples of this type of "organic" life where not everything is perfectly structured.

thank you
06/18/2016 - 09:45

yesterday we talk about  the last one .ref.6340

thank you.   i donot know  say you  Dan or Shao   in here   smiley


You'll notice everybody here calls me Dan. :-). (nt)
06/18/2016 - 09:57