Coda Horologica

May I recommend to fellow Lounger's they read the wonderful post at PuristS in Horological Meanderings by pplater (an Australian with a great sense of humor...hmmmm Coda Horologica) titled Coda Horologica aka the Dictionary of WISdom.  Here is an excerpt so you know what to expect:

H is for: “Help identify this watch” posts. In one instance in a thousand, this is a genuine call for assistance in identifying an old or obscure wristwatch. In the other 999 instances it is a genuine call from a counterfeiter [member since: today; post count: 1] for suggestions as to the way in which Version I of his copy Rolex/IWC/Patek/VC may be better improved in order to increase the prospects of Version II suckering the wives, brothers, sisters and children of the very people who freely offer up those observations when next they travel to Canal Street, Hong Kong or Bali.

Loved it here's a link to the article
06/08/2010 - 19:04
A classic, thanks for the link! (nt)
06/09/2010 - 01:30