Coincidences !!

Below we talked about coincidences.

Beat this !

About 20 years ago I was flying from Florida,

heading back for Sweden, but the companies were as lousy then,m

as now...

So the personal told me I had to run fast and through some stairs,

I don't remeber if it was NY or Chicago,

to be able to catch the SAS plane back.

But hurry, hurry....

So I ran like burned mouse and in the backstairs,


I met a guy from my own hometown !

" Hi doc where are you going.... "

It lives 35.000 persons in my town !

He was cool going on a cruise,

I wasn't...........

but he had gone the wrong way,

and I was running to catch the plane home !Coincidences !!

Just a coincidence?

Sometimes I wondered what the world really means,

in deeper aspect,

since these things keep on repeating !


11/26/2007 - 18:03