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Last week Alex posted this pic:

Coming soon ?

I finally found a better pic of the mask from which, I think, this teaser was extracted:

Coming soon ?

It's a Maya ceramic mask, dated 550-950 A.C.

The Barbier-Mueller has previously published a book illustrated by short texts/poems written by Michel Butor (same texts that are represented on the dial of "Les Masques" Collection.)

Here is the short poem for this mexican mask:

"Mes narines sentent le sang

qui ruisselera sur les marches

redonnant vie à ma vieillesse

pour que je puisse distribuer

mes bénédictions sur la ville

dont les pyramides s'élèvent

au-dessus des arbres chanteurs

dans les territoires du vent"

Am I right? wait & see...

Coming soon ?

07/26/2008 - 19:07
07/27/2008 - 06:39
07/27/2008 - 20:25
07/27/2008 - 06:39

My nostrils smell the blood

that will flow down the stairs

giving life back to my old age

so that I can bless this city

whose pyramids rise

above the trees singing

in the realms of the wind

Re: translation
07/27/2008 - 20:25

Thanks for sharing and the translation as well.  Matt

Thanks Kramer for the information...
07/28/2008 - 16:17

The poem is really cool.

In fact, I much prefer it to the mask itself...

spooky looking mask!! (nt)
07/29/2008 - 23:44