Comments re Secrets of Vacheron Constantin?

Anyone have this Franco Cologni book...any comments?
Secrets of Vacheron Constantin - my VC bible
10/26/2008 - 00:26
It was the very first book/register on VC I acquired and learned most on history, heritage and their watches from... Hard to admit but I still haven't gotten through the whole stuff. Very well written, informative, beautiful pictures and reference material for ages... I keep coming back to it over and over again. The book is missing what other publications offer in abundance: pictures and technical information on vintage pieces (I guess it wasn't the purose of the book). This I actually found in "World of Vacheron Constantin" and Antiquorum's QMVC auction catalogue which IMO is a must have for every VC aficionado and collector... Just my 2cents worth...  
World of VC
10/26/2008 - 18:12
Is that the Lambert book, Radek?  I'd be interested in that one too if you know a source.  Cheers,
There is a nice story that goes with the book, Dean...
10/26/2008 - 19:50
I got it from my local AD. It is a multi-brand shop (there are only three VC ADs in Poland and all of them are in Warsaw) and I just sat there all in awe flipping through the pages and this nice shop assistant told me I could have it since no one ever showed any interest in the book... He said they had the German version as well so it didn't matter to him which one I chose. It didn't matter to me either but I took the English one since all my horology literature is in English. The guy made my day. I am sure you're going to love it since you appreciate history and heritage of VC so much and that is what the book is all about. Part One is a general story on art in the age of enlightment in general. Part Two is pictures of vintage pieces with reference numbers mostly... really great book (written by Carole Lambelet/Lorette Coen in Frenh originally)
Nice present! Now I'm on the hunt for one too. nt
10/27/2008 - 04:06
Hi Dean, I've been looking for almost a year now...
10/27/2008 - 06:55
for the World of Vacheron Constantin book.  I saw it at an AD in Beijing, but they wouldn't sell or give the book to me so I'm not as fortunate as Radek . I'm still searching.  If I can find 2 copies, I'll let you know. BR, Dan
Thanks Dan, I'll do the same. nt
10/27/2008 - 16:29
3/4 excellent 1/4 marketing. the history of VC from 1755-1996 is
10/26/2008 - 00:43
extremely well written, ther are a lot of details and anecdotes. There has been a tremendous amount of work in going through the archives and diiging out a lot of never released information. I find this part terrific and the best information on the history of VC currently available. The problem is that everything concerning 1996 onwards seems written not by a historian but by a marketing guru, it could be VC press material or catalogue that I wouldn't see the difference! However is the book worth it? Yes a hundred times yes 
Re: Comments re Secrets of Vacheron Constantin?
10/26/2008 - 02:21
I agree with Alex. Its a great overall recounting of VC's history without getting too much into minutia and yet retaining some very interesting details about what makes VC great. and its also a gorgeous coffee table book if you just want to see photos and not bother with the very fascinating story. The summary in the back of the various categories is well organized and emphasizes the highlights of VC creations. I have the English and French versions. But I have to confess that the book is superceded by Reinhard Meis' book on Lange & Sohne. This for me is the definitive Lange book. (Sorry to digress a bit) Joseph
Another positive vote for this book...
10/26/2008 - 02:39
A fun book to flip through and to get a good sense of VC's history and traditions.  A very worthwhile additon to a watch collector's library. Cheers, Duncan
Add another recommendation, the book is worthwhile
10/26/2008 - 03:36
I've learned a lot from it about VC's history.  I also have to agree with Alex that the later years seems to be more marketing material than reference material.  BR. Dan
Thanks is ordered! nt
10/26/2008 - 18:09
Book arrived!
11/01/2008 - 16:53
It certainly is a great weight!  Heavy paper stock, nice slip cover, but more eye candy than reference book.  Essential for a Vacheron library regardless.