Comparo, anyone?

I'm still referring to Gary H's excellent VC/PP chrono comparo -- a great post and reference resource.

Is anyone in a position to compare the VC to this?

Comparo, anyone?

Would love to get wearing/ownership impressions from someone who is in a position to evaluate both!


all I can say is
03/11/2011 - 16:15
what a scan
Appreciate it, Tourby
03/12/2011 - 03:40
I had fun trying to get the lighting right, and in the end was lucky! Best, GaryG
the perfect mix IMHO
03/11/2011 - 16:48
will be the Chrono Historique for case and dial and your Dato calibre (what a photo ++++) inside. Or to have the 2 watches. Cheers, Liger
That would be cool
03/12/2011 - 03:42
If only the Lange movement could be made thinner to fit in that gorgeous VC case! Best, GaryG
03/11/2011 - 20:51
I tried the Datograph in Rose gold and Platinum version. And the Patrimony Chronograph in White Gold. Dato: The Datograph is the most impressive finish I ever experienced, my feeling is that it was something incredible.  Especially the platinum version with the brushed polished effect on the case and his weight. Nothing make you feel quality this way.  But I found it a bit difficult to wear, because of my small wrist and of his weight, I found it big. Beautiful but not for me, too "big" . Surprinsignly the Rose Gold version was not such a strong effect but was easy to put on the wrist because of the weight. I found it "thinner" even if it is purely psychological. But it is very dressy and imho not an everyday wear. The caliber is unmatched till now. The new PP is more performant (no jump at the start) and thinner but there is not this cathedral effect of depth. The dial is beautiful in both of the but I prefer VC. The Datograph is a monument. Patrimony chrono: The Patrimony chronograph is a beauty, it seems thinner, more balanced as a design, more modern. In White Gold you have something impressively sporty and classy at the same time, can be an everyday wear very easily. Though it doesn't give you the same quality effect like the Datograph platinum and the caliber is not as impressive, but as pure aesthetic I prefer the Patrimony. The dial is a wonder better looking than the Datograph imho. No problem to put on my wrist, a wonder. So because I can not wear easily the Datograph platinum and because aesthetically I prefer the VC, my personnal choice would choose the Patrimony chronograph. But if you can wear the Datograph platinum and if you like the way it looks, it is difficult to avoid it. cheers Francois
Lange is one thick cookie
03/11/2011 - 21:53
It's a bit of a trick of Lange to make the movement unnecessarily thick to give it that appearance of depth through the display back. VC is a wafer and Lange an oatmeal cookie!
Re: Lange is one thick cookie
03/11/2011 - 22:12
True but that make the strength of it In comparison the last PP is a real "wafer", no depth effect, that is very impressive and a great horlogical performance but I understand those who for aesthetic reasons prefer the Lange caliber.
when Richemont bought Lange I asked Mr.Proellochs the then CEO
03/12/2011 - 00:54
What main difference he saw between Lange and VC and he gave a very clever yet on the spot reply «Lange makes its movements verically and we make ours horizontaly»!
Droll words of wisdom, Alex!
03/12/2011 - 03:49
Love that quote -- it's great how someone can, in a dignified way, make the distinctions between offerings clear and illustrate why he feels that his is superior! Best, Gary
nice input!
03/15/2011 - 09:13
in memory of Mr Proellochs . Two different styles, german and swiss. German with that finish above all but design which can sometimes lack of "finesse". Swiss with a finish maybe a bit less impressive at first but with a lot of coherence considering the complete watch.
Does it have chocolate chips, or raisins?
03/12/2011 - 03:46
Hey Dean -- My view has long been that the raisin was invented to annoy people who love chocolate chip cookies and pick up oatmeal raisin cookies by mistake! If the answer is "raisins" I may have to turn around and sell the Dato All the best, as always, Gary
LOL, we all know a better use for grapes!! nt
03/15/2011 - 17:24
Great points, Francois
03/12/2011 - 03:44
Very thoughtful comparison of these two excellent pieces.  If they ever make the "perfect" watch we will all own one, and that would be a bit boring!  Wonderful to have choices among truly excellent alternatives. Thanks for this very interesting post. Best, GaryG
My pleasure :)
03/15/2011 - 09:09
and then you have The two PP 5070 and 5170 , and Breguet oder smaller version 3237 or last large 5247 , and at Lange the 1815 chronograph, older and newer version and the VC historiques... It is easy to get crazy between all these marvels. :) How funny I had the luck to try two 5070 this WE, this is a special watch. P and J I rarely see a watch with so many "mistakes". The case is too large for the caliber, the sub dials are too close, the bezel is too big... but these "mistakes" gives it a personnality, and a strong one. Hate it or love it, it is an amazing watch. And in the end the proportions are fantastic, and fit even on a very small wrist. The yellow is a special yellow, very dark but not pink at all... just a strong sunflower yellow, really funny. And then the platinum version, the price is ridiculously high, but what a watch the blue drives you mad! Is it worth it? well don't try it ^^ . Rarely seen such a "strong" watch. Breguet I was never into the last big version, I saw them through a shop window but didn't want to try. I find that they have to be "vintage" in yellow gold and small size. I was very attracted by the 3237 in yellow gold, typical from the brand and very charming, very thin, and Breguet dials are something. Not as impressive as Vacheron or Lange but really charming ... and a fair price and the second hand market. And the VC historique platinum with salmon dial... a dream for me! That is also something charming, beautiful design, lot of personnality, killer dial... Never tried the 5170, and for the 1815 I have to take more time with one... and I forget a Dubuis Hommage I tried at a THL dinner, thanks to a collector, beautiful classical watch with great finish. and and and... Makes me remember some very good moment with friends and collectors. :) cheers Francois
Your scan is sheer beauty! I'll try to post a comparative review of
03/12/2011 - 00:56
The Dato and Patrimony Chrono this coming week
Having your views on this would be fantastic, Alex
03/12/2011 - 03:50
I know you're a busy guy, but having you weigh in on the relative merits of these two great pieces would be a real treat. Thanks, Gary
for different occasions......
03/12/2011 - 05:05
for me, the datograph was a dream which i saved up for, the les historques was an adrenaline rush through the window but it lasted, both hold significant position in my heart the dato wears well but thick, activation of the chronograph pushers are spontaneous, the back is a joy to look at, and it ages well because of the silver oxidising.  the les historiques is a gentleman, a classic sports watch , like a vintage convertible car which bodes well when you are feeling nostalgic, the art decor style is also very eye-catching.  i wear both depending on my dress, the dato when i wear Y3, the VC when i am in dries van noten. thereabout.
Two beauties!
03/12/2011 - 05:29
Thanks for posting your impressions and real life photos -- very helpful, and does nothing to diminish my interest in the VC! Best, GaryG
Aaron your sartorial tastes are as exquisit as your watch taste :-)
03/12/2011 - 12:57
overrated, alex, but thanks. simply job hazard! but i enjoy it !nt.
03/13/2011 - 07:19
Fantastic duo
03/15/2011 - 09:15
The beauty and the beast. One impressive watch and one charming imho. Congrats ! Francois