Concours international de chronométrie 2013

Drum roll please....the winners are:

Concours international de chronométrie 2013
Concours international de chronométrie 2013

If you are like myself and require more details, some poking around on their website will yield this information:

Tourbillons - L. Leroy, Besancon, with their model LL 104/1.  794 points of of a possible 1000.

Classic - Tissot, Le Locle, with a "Contest" model featuring caliber A86.502.  878 points.
2nd place also to Tissot with another "Contest" model, caliber A86.501.  850 points.
3rd place to Louis Moinet with their Mecanograph watch.  728 points.
Note that only 12 of the 20 pieces entered in this category actually completed the trials!

School - Mathieu Douik of CIFOM, Le Locle, obtained the distinction of 1st place in this category with 571 points.
2nd place awarded to Maxime Bettenelli, also of CIFOM, with 501 points.
None of the school entries managed to complete the trials in 2011, whereas this year these 2 of 12 were successful.

The breakdown of participants was:
7 in Tourbillons - Frederique Constant Slimline Tourbillon, Greubel Forsey Invention, Laurent Ferrier Double Spiral, Chopard 3C Tourbillon, L. Leroy LL 104/1, MHVJ Model T1500, Roger Dubuis Excalibur.

18 in Classic - Voutilainen Calibre 28, Dodane Type 23, Fortis F-43, Julien Coudray Manufactura 1528, Kerbedanz Civilization Mesoamerica Ketzalkoatl, Laurent Ferrier Gallet Micro-rotor, L. Leroy LL 201/1, Louis Moinet Mecanograph, MHVJ Model T00, MHVJ Model T1000, MHVJ Model T2000, Roger Dubuis Excaliber, Muhle Glashutte Handaufzug, Technotime Model Technotime (2 entries with same caliber), Tissot Contest Model with caliber A86.501, Tissot Contest Model with caliber A86.502, Urban Jurgensen UJS-P8.

12 in School - 4 individuals from CEJEF of Porrentruy, 7 from CIFOM of Le Locle, and one class entry from LCDM of La Chaux-de-Fonds.
1 as "Anonymous" indecision

As a reminder; these were the big winners from the last edition in 2011:
Tourbillon - Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 915 points, Chopard All Black Tourbillon 855 points, Technotime Whirlwind 791 points.
Classic - Tissot Caliber 2824-2 764 points, Journe Sovereign 488 points (only 2 completed).
School - no finishers.

And 2009:
Brands - Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Tourbillon (points not disclosed but the watch press revealed it scored 909 points).  Although not awarded, JLC also came in second with their Reverso Gyrotourbillon at 908 points.
Independents - Rene Addor Calibre Papillon (again, points not disclosed officially but a score of 795 was revealed by the press)


I'm amazed by the lack of interest in this contest by
11/06/2013 - 22:30
major brands. Maybe the contest organizers are not marketing it the right way or Brandt's don't see any interest?
It is because accuracy is no longer a marketing point!
11/07/2013 - 05:06
when was the last time I saw a brand publicly boast about their accuracy?  Seen any advertising to that effect?  Now it is glamour, bling, size, a multitude of complications and tourbillons at various angles or mutlple balances........ I guess none of us need a watch for accuracy, so why bother with the contest right???  It is a shame coz the most basic function of a watch is accurate time telling, but nowadays nobody cares......
Early days, not helped by
11/07/2013 - 05:43
the timid approach of the organizers.  Firstly, every second year is just silly...hard to create value in something that will be forgotten during the "dead" years in between angry.  They have at least acknowledged the ridicule that the 2009 contest was subject to with its anonymous participants and secret scores.  It would be a remarkable piece of foresight if quality control organizations like the Poincon de Geneve were to become involved as partners, like Besancon Observatory and COSC have.  There is so much to be done to recover "timekeeping" and the raison d'etre of horology...again blush Speaking of COSC, although founding members of the new Concours; I cannot yet fathom if they are a prime motivator or anchor around the neck of this still very fragile initiative.