Congrats to VC and Alex....

I am new to VC and have yet to receive my watch back from restoration at VC. I wish Alex and VC all the best and look forward to learning about this unique brand. Regards, Victor
Hi Victor and I hope and am sure you will enjoy being here discussing
03/30/2007 - 12:20

with all the community members long time collectors and newbies alike.

Which VC is at service?

Re: Hi Victor and I hope and am sure you will enjoy being here discussing
03/30/2007 - 16:09

Thank you Alex for the warm welcome. I posted on the previous forum, of which you were moderator, an image of a VC that I purchased through my Jeweller. The participants and yourself helped with possible models and it was my intention to have it restored as it was a beautiful ultra-thin dress watch.

I sent the watch to VC locally for authentication and they only indicated that it was authentic but would not supply any other information. I decided to have it sent back to its birthplace in Switzerland for a complete spa treatment and I am patiently awaiting its return.

I decided to send it in without being concerned as to the model or worth as I loved the look of the watch and appreciated the unique elements of the slim movement and its imprtance to VC history. In short I will be surprised by the watch in both model and its rebirth from the past to be worn and appreciated at present and into the future.

I will also post pictures when it arrives which should be April/May.



Ahh the agonies of the wait but at least you know that your watch is
03/30/2007 - 16:22

being taken care of!

Looking forward in seeing the photos