Continuing form my post below on VC dial quality...

I have just com back form another dealer in London that had an enormos range of VCs - mostly the Malte range,  and looked at the dials thorugh a x15 loupe this time and equally flawless. I should add that i once found a small hair in a £25 watch stuck behind the second hand so this is an issue with many watches.

Was also shocked that on the Piguet 1185 based chrongraphs  - the minute register usually advances (i.e registers 1 mn) when the second hand is at about 59sec (this is very common on some other brands that use the Piguet 1185) such that sometimes if 59 secs have elapsed the counters can often register 1min and 59 sec. With the Malte Tonneau chronograph  that i tested the minute counter registered 1min at excatly 60sec! Very rare and a pleasure to see.

Just love VC!


Wow Mark you're really having a fantastic experience here and good to
09/07/2007 - 23:02

hear about the Malte tonneau chrono, just shows that all brands aren't equal before base movements

I guess its a function of assembling the base yourself, rather than
09/08/2007 - 14:05

buting the movement pre-assembled and just finishinging it. I think that i read that somewhere that with the JLC bases (the 899 for example) VC buys it as a kit form JLC and then assembles it in house. Although in VC's 1126 calibers, that are based on on the JLC 899 they do insert an extra cog to make the gear train more stable, so assume they must also assemble their Piguet 1185 bases themselves, or at least give them a significant "tune"

One of the reasons I bought a Breguet Type XX chronogrpah was because the minute register on the chrono was continuous and never had to move at each 60sec interval - so eliminating this problem.


VC buys the outsourced movements as a kit bit not only finishes and
09/08/2007 - 17:16

tunes each individual piece but also replaces many parts which are not to its standards which can make two watches with the same Piguet or JLC base extremely different from one brand to the other.

impressive results! Even though Breguet is know for its guilloché
09/08/2007 - 00:48

dials I think VCrs are amazing due to the wide array of motifs the brand offers.

Indeed - I have a Breguet and is very very good on the finish also
09/08/2007 - 01:21

But not 1000% perfect under a loupe

Re: impressive results! Even though Breguet is know for its guilloché
09/09/2007 - 07:34

The silver guilloche of my Overseas Chrono is simply great at different angles and light.