Corps of Engineer WW 1 Watch ?

I have been ask to help my friend to find information about his father's WW 1 watch. The watch is a US Army Corps Of Engineers pocket watch, Oxidized silver case and is not a chronograph. The orginal receipt from the  Army has it as a 13 jewel movement with a serial number of 11108. I have found no information on this watch and the serial number shows the it was made in 1860 and this doesn't make any sense to me. A local jeweler said that this was the correct serial number. Can ayone shed any light on when this was made and could this be a 13 jewel movement? I really know nothing about watches so it you could keep it simple I would greatly appreciate it.

These watches wre made from 1918-to 1919. They were made for the
07/01/2009 - 20:50
US Expeditionary Force (the Corps of Engineers) who were specialised in the construction of heavy engineering projects (dams, coastal fortifications, piers etc...) These watches had silver cases, white dials with luminous Arabic numerals and hands as well as a simple chronograph movement with a central seconds counter (no minute or hour counters). From July 1918 to end of 1919 3289 watches were delivered. 
Great example Alex...
07/02/2009 - 02:39
Nice to see one with the luminescence still intact .  Just to add a bit to your story; the Corps of Engineers contracted for 5000 pieces but Vacheron was only able to deliver the stated 3289.  So the balance were supplied by other Swiss manufacturers.  I've seen a Ulysse Nardin version...has anyone seen others?   Some watches were taken home as personal property after the war and they were often re-cased in plain silver cases.  Still a bit large for the vest pocket IMHO .  Now, the original cases may have had incorrect movements installed afterwards, which sounds like this poster's example.
Re: Great example Alex...
07/02/2009 - 16:59
Thank you for the information, every little helps. I am still puzzeled by the number on the bak of the case, is this the movements serial or the Army's number ? Tom
Re: These watches wre made from 1918-to 1919. They were made for the
07/02/2009 - 16:51

Thank you for your reply and the information you gave, every little bit helps.  I compliment you for the fine photo's you should consider writing a article about how to photograph watches. Tom