Like Dean, Tick-Talk, I always carry one of my V&C's with me!

If not for height records, but every time I go sailing, bike riding, hunting or just walking the dogs in the forrests.

It's always easy to choose which Vacheron&Constantin.

I take the oldest I have!

It's been with me for many years now, strangely no one notice it!

It's always with me, on my small 'adventures'






This is it, Vacheron Frères 1790-1810.


And here it's place


Yep, on my rucksack/backpack,which has been around nearly as long as the movement,

the movement is a non working Vacheron Frères 1790-1810 but here it really functions cool



You have to many things.

Use them.

I'm glad every time I open the zip smiley




now that is a funky and novel way to carry a
08/04/2014 - 12:06


Hi Doc!
08/04/2014 - 18:40

Wow, what a great thread on sailing to greet our return from a canoe trip heart.  Mrs TT and I used to sail clinker-built whalers with the Navy Reserve in the Pacific.  LOL, she was the coxswain and I've been following her orders ever since.  Mats, it was very innovative to decorate your rucksack with that old watch...I love the idea!  Cheers, my friend smiley

Indeed - a great story...
08/04/2014 - 20:49

Gives new meaning to a VC "on leather".  Your pack does not happen to be made of Mississipi Crocodile does it?