Deatchable gold bracelet of a Chronomètre Royal

Deatchable gold bracelet of a  Chronomètre Royal
I wouldn't do anything to it
07/26/2012 - 23:56
I'd personally get a Fournet leather strap and leave the bracelet as is if I didn't like it. Knowing myself, over time I would miss the quirckiness of the bracelet and wear it again. A timepiece for me should retain its original parts because the conception of the piece is, in my view, a whollistic approach and is to be respected as such. But of course, it is your piece and your decision. But welding sounds a tad bit radical to me. Best, Walid
I think you should keep it
07/27/2012 - 13:58
Even if you don't use it yourself right now.  It is an original VC bracelet for the CR with trapezoidal lugs and looks wonderful on it. Keeping it, you always have the option to change back and forth, if you ever have a need to show that bling! BR, Dan
If it's not original (or at least V&C), do what you wish.
07/28/2012 - 01:36
It would of course be a very unfortunate thing to destroy a bracelet made by the manufacturer for the watch. However, if it's just a random bracelet (a) it's not of historical or artistic importance and (b) it almost certainly adds less to the value of the watch than its precious metal value. If so, you should not feel constrained. I once put a nice Patek up for auction with its original Gay Freres bracelet, thinking that the original bracelet with the watch would command a nice premium. Instead, the watch sold for pretty much exactly what it would have brought with a leather strap. I should either have kept the bracelet for use with another Patek or sold it separately. (I would not have melted it down in any case because of its value as an original.) At some point you have to say that if the market doesn't value something you probably shouldn't value it either.