Decided to buy a VC Overseas and Why.

Well, have decided to buy a VC Overseas Chronometer watch.   Been reviewing and reading about the OS for the last several weeks.   Even emailed a few people from varius watch forums who have them.

Here is my thought process of why have decided on getting a OS"

Like the Company VC.  Seems to have a rich heritage and tradition.  Also a small watch company with limited production.  So you will not see many VC watches out there, and I like to think that their committment to quality would be high.

Have a couple of Rolex Watches now, GMT II and Exp II.  Though I do like them, I am looking for something a little more unique and with some other properties.  

I like the VC as it has the Anti-magnetic casing and anti-reflective crystal.   Also, with 150 meters water resistannce, is actually more so than my GMT II and Explorer II.  And way better than compared to AP's Royal Oak (which I also considered).   Now I probably will not go diving with the OS, but will definately swim laps on a daily basis when I go on vacations and when I settle down in the future.  This watch could also see Kayak trips in the future as well. So the water resistance in a watch is important to me.

I like how the VC Overseas, was made for overseas travel.  I was looking for a simple all Stainless Steel watch with a classic design.  The VC OS seems to fit that bill.  Has a proven rugged JLC movement refined by VC.  (some people may desire a total in house movement, but the JLC movement is a darn good movement from what I have heard.  Also, I have always liked JLC as well, so by buying the OS it is like I am getting both a JLC and VC watch in one package).

I currently am working in Afghanistan as a Program Manager for several security related projects contracted out to the US Army.  So the watch will see a little adventure over here, and I continually travel to Asia.   So I like that this watch will do what it is made for.  Overseas journeys. 

The thin case seems like it will be less prone to dings and fit nice on the wrist.  I would prefer a 40mm, but since the watch is thin, the 42mm seems like it will fit ad look pretty good.  I like the 3, 6, 9, and 12 markers.  Gives a nice uniform appearance.  Very simple.   Price is not too bad for the watch, most ADs (or Grey dealers, dare I say) give pretty good discounts. So it is about at the top end of my budget. 

Interesting, that all the people I have emailed with who own the watch have nothing but good things to say about it.  I like how the watch can look dressy, yet sporty at the same time.  I very rarely dress up.  I work as a Program Manager but pretty much wear casual clothing all the time. 

Well, know this was a long post and rambling on, but getting excited about getting a VC OS, and see if forum members agress with me.   BTW, looking at getting the Black Face version.

Re: Decided to buy a VC Overseas and Why.
09/27/2007 - 09:53

Excellent choice, it will hold up to all the activities you mention. Post some pictures when you get it.

Congrats on your choice!
09/27/2007 - 21:22

You will definitely not regret it... Please post pics when you get it

thanks for sharing your thought process. Would love to hear your
09/29/2007 - 23:33

thoughts once you get the watch.