A design

Dear Vacheron Constantin Enthusiasts

My name is François, I am a simple fan of horology and I appreciate Vacheron Constantin for the high quality watch it makes and also for the very pure design all along the history of the Brand. I  don't own one yet, but I still can live with this awful feeling A design

When I have time I play with some CAD tools, and some weeks ago I imagine something on a thema of the maltese Cross, thinking of Vacheron Constantin. I tried to catch some little "tricks" if Vacheron Constantin design and use them in a new way.

Basically, it shows, Hour Minutes, Date, and seconds on a rotating part.
After a discussion with horologist this last thing is not realistic.

Posted in another Forum, I just wanted to show you, this little thing. There is nothing great in it, I am no designer, I did just for fun, so don't be too hard.

All apologies for my bad english.

Hoping you will like it.


A design

A design
A design

A design

A design

A design

A design
Welcome to the Lounge Cisco, and congrats on such a bold design, I'm a
09/17/2008 - 13:58
huge fan of alternative designs and you obviously spent time and energy on this. Bravo and thanks for sharing, I particularly like the linear seconds display on the bottom. Hope to see more of your designs
Thanks for your Kind Welcome
09/17/2008 - 16:23
Well Well I didn't really expect that. Alex: Thank you very much for your appreciation, "bold" is a big word, there has been such creation with Vianney Halter, or the Rolex Prince Aerodynamic could be found close to this design. And the 30's and the 70's are full of incredible design, I am pretty sure you know a lot of them especially in Vacheron Constantin.  I just catch some tricks of Vacheron like the hands or the malteses cross, mixed it with the Halter Trio box a touch of Hysek Kilada, , made some mistakes to hide it and that's all I am far from this great examples KN showed. Horologist already told me that the second display seems to be unrealistic due to power problem, it would ask too much to the mecanism. Too bad, I would have like this effect too. LN :  I am glad you liked it too. What you showed me are true masterpiece with High End Design and incredible complications. The Maelstrom, the multiple barrels, the display are such a performance integrated in this incredible design, this is something very unique in this Max Busser and Friends. The same for the Urwerk, if the system is not far from the Great Explorers of Vacheron (or Star Wheel of Audemars Piguet), it is a level further, and this Hammerhead is a nearly unique rare case in Watch history. As I said to Alex, I an so far from them, and design is not difficult, realisation with high quality is something else I admire. Other designs: I have done some, but they were very raw and doesn't deserve any attention. I won't show them. Only this one take me more than one day because it was worth some refinement. If I have something who could be a Vacheron and which is worth, I will post it for sure. General Thought on Vacheron Design: As I said former I like Vacheron Constantin design, because there is something very pure in it. The Asymetric is a masterpiece, with such a simple appearance, I love that. I think that with the actual trend, Vacheron Could offer something new with an uncommon design. They did it with the Quai de l'ile, I hope they will go on with another line living near the traditional line which is already a success. They don't offer any Rectangular Watch, I hope they will. I remember one of the seventies very flat and simple, I would love a reedition. Kind Regards François
A man who states Vianney Halter as inspiration gets all my
09/18/2008 - 00:15
respect! hats off to you sir
It looks better than Opus 8 and Vianney Halter's trio.
09/17/2008 - 19:00
I like it. Regards Ling
Re: A design
09/18/2008 - 12:14
-Thanks Alex. -Ling, thanks but it's a bit tough for people who realized something, they didn't just play with their computer like I do. And after a Weight Watchers treatment, isn't it better? Position of the crown was changed too, Malteser Cross looks like a malteser cross, anything else stay the same. Thanks all for your nice comments François
Bold and Impressive Design!
09/18/2008 - 13:48
Hi Francois, welcome to the Lounge. Your drawings are really impressive, the concept of the watch is really cool. Maybe a little bit too avant-garde for VC, but a great design nonetheless...  I especially love the way you have done the hands - its a small detail, but they are probably the nicest I have ever seed. If I ever get myself a special order VC, I will be sure to include this design. Cheers,  Francois
Re: Bold and Impressive Design!
09/18/2008 - 15:14

Thanks Veillotron. I like the Hands too. The most beautiful hands I ever seen comes from... Seiko  , the Grand Seiko GMT to be precise, I love them. I just modify them to get the traditionnal sword shape of Vacheron Constantin. Too Avant Garde for VC? I do NOT agree.http://watchismo.blogspot.com/2007/06/watchismo-times.htmlhttp://www.tp178.com/tjn/vc/sin250/watches/101041.jpg

09/18/2008 - 16:48
I agree that VC has shown a lot of creativity (about 1,000x more than PP) throughout its history, and they have created some pretty bold and daring pieces. VC creates pieces with "flair", and that's why I love their watches so much.  However, IMO, whether it be Les Masques, Mercator, Tribute To Grands Explorateurs, QdI or any of the models shown in the links you posted, VC has always made sure that is doesn't depart too much from its heritage, and so the watches always retain a certain level of classism (for lack of a better word). When I spoke to Charlie, VC's CEO, he echoed this vision. IMO, VC will never produce alternative designs (such as the MB&F Lin posted) that deviates to much from their traditions. The concept you produced, while amazing and beautiful, IMHO doesn't fit with VC's product vision  The hands do look like the Seiko ones, but I really like the fact that you cut out the lateral corners, making it look more like a sword rather than the tip of an arrow. Cheers, Francois
Re: Hmmm...
09/18/2008 - 17:48
As you said, I also think they have a strong heritage in Creativity, like Asymetric, Toledo, or "Window hours" , and for the moment they don't dare too much. Somhow they are not so close to their history with only traditionnal lines. IMHO they have began something with the Quai de l'Ile and I hope they will go deeper in that "design" direction like they have done during all their history. Maintaining at the same time their marvellous "traditionnal" line, with Malte and Patrimony and the fantastic "métiers d'arts" line, which is very unique in the watch production.  For the moment they don't have now a rectangular shape, so I played with my tool and try to imagine something.  If you look at the slim version, the design is not so far from "Vacheron Constantin spirit", simple exterior lines, Few at first sight, but details like the sword Hands or the malteser Cross which make something interesting at the end. It's far from the result of a true designer and I apologize for that, but it is also something different of the actual production. Patek, Audemars etc are still very classical in their rectangular shape, nothing new or really exciting, and IMHO Vacheron can make a difference here with their capacity to create very pure and bold design. That's a bad vision of what could be possible, but I hope they will go in this kind of direction, they have more to win than to lose. Cheers François