Design and how we reacts!

Apropos the wonderful vassilis Bi Retro below.

The way we reac when we see something we doesn't have expected is intersting,
I remember how Alex and I discussed the text of the weekdays, on the Bi Retro's dial,
in many mails between us, when we saw it the first time some years ago.
We reacted first negative both of us to the assymetric letters and the distance between them, 
also the shortened thu, but after, I believe several months, we realised that this was a main factor
to the whole appearence of the watch!

As I think you all have noticed, it's nearly always the same when you see a watch the first time,
and find it marvellous and astonishing perfect, that is the watch you first lose intersest in.

I find the same about art and litterature also.

10 years ago I thought Art Deco was just boring, yes that's true, 
and now it's my main focus, either it's watches, art, litterature or even furniture!
Now this one is in our library Design and how we reacts!

Design and how we reacts!

It would have been impossible to think of bidding on this Le Corbuiser Chaise Lounge for me 10 years ago!

Same with this watch, when I saw it first I thought impossible in all ways Design and how we reacts!
It took three years, not until 2005 , until I bought it, still a bit doubtful.
Now I just love it and think it's one of the most classic VC's ever and in 10 years it will be considered a milestone.
It was the first time Malte came to it's right with an unusual complication.
Just look at those hands, the small gold squares each 5 minutes and the gold ring at the dual time,
 and also the differnt size of the minute figures Design and how we reacts!
Not many notice that!

Design and how we reacts!

On the other hand I just had to get this, when I followed it through Jaw's enormous long story at ThePuristS!
The JLC Master Compressor Chronograph and bought one of the first and l also was one of the first to sell,
with a substantial loss, but I just couldn't stand it.
What had been so attractive, the layout, the red on the buttons, was just an example of ugly unbalanced design!
I still can't understand how I could have bought it Design and how we reacts!

Design and how we reacts!

To finish this little personal thoughts, this is one of my absolute favourites, and you know it.
Look at the cieseled part of the case and the hinge, not to talk about the guillochage at the dial.
This is a true masterpiece, that I even have Master Philippe Dufour's word on!
But when I bought it , it was because the collector who sold it, sold the huntingcase pocket watch, 
the 'new' from 1919, and I had to take them both ore none.
Now I defenitely see this as a unique Vacheron&Constantin from 1920,
when they were as good as they can be when production time was not the factor. Design and how we reacts!

Design and how we reacts!

Through the years I have had the opportunity to meet so many people trough my work and often discussed this question,
a question of perception, where many people believe they are alone, in teir way to approach a new vision.
I have had found it easy to explain that the human being functions this way.
We don't know yet, I hope we never will, because that's a part of life which is the most important of all,
to be able to see things in another light, to get perspective and to admit to oneself, 
that I was wrong Design and how we reacts!

But no rule without an exception.
In my case it was a 23 year old girl I met 31 years ago.
I loved her instantly and we are still married, but the view of what love is,
has definitely changed over the years, but she is a 'keeper'  Design and how we reacts! Design and how we reacts!



i echo u....
05/28/2009 - 06:10
i too have been smitten by some watch fads and bought impulsively too many times. when i look back ,it boggled me why even the thought of looking for one after the euphoria subsides. fortunately, i can afford the losses. however, as i age, i learn to be bit wiser, a little less mistakes. my taste also grown to be a little tending towards art decor or modern classic of good workmanship,quality and craft, which i can appreciate over a longer period of time, thus presenting value to me. i bought a chester club chair for my living room to decorate my home in Singapore, it welcomes me when i return occasionally for business. for watches, i vote for Vacheron for the consistent same appeal. regret the chair is still wrapped. but u know how it's shaped and the work involved. of course the post is incomplete without the VC
Of course there are excetions,
05/28/2009 - 12:28
and one is Chesterfield This pic taken on an autumn day, shows our two Chesterfield sofas, which we bought from England about 25 years ago. They get better and better, even though these 2 guys have a tendency to lay flat on their back at full length, in the sofas, when you turn your back at them. But no other furniture get more beautiful buy wearing than a Chesterfield You got taste and the chrono is as beautiful as it's name! Cheers Doc
Amen to your thoughts Doc, attraction is even deeper and longer if
05/28/2009 - 11:24
it is something that grows on you and not only one that smacks you right on the head! It was my casewith Urwerk. Damn ugly I thought when I 1st saw it and now can't get it off my wrist
Yes, I remeber when we stated it as an UFO, not a watch :-)
05/28/2009 - 13:23
But it would be damned booring if we never changed, this is our personal evolution, and that's also part of the personal charm, to admit that you were wrong I personally think the worst are those who have their opinions ,  once and for all, and never change them, what ever happens. Better say : "That was than, that!" I now think the Urwerk is a milestone and so will remain, but as human beings we have hard to take new things in, immideately, We have to evaluate, think once and than again etc. and suddenly it happens! It's just right, perfect, couldn't be better, how could I be so wrong Take care Doc
Something similar happend to me...
05/29/2009 - 03:23
Back two years ago I could not stand any kind of modern art/architecture. For me, the Opera Garnier in Paris was the most amazing building ever! Although, after I started reading more about the subject, I have being modernized, and of course, le corbusier is one of the greatest geniouses in the area! I have being trying to find a Rio chaise longue from his Brazilian friend and very influential architect, Oscar Niemeyer. I has proved to be a chalenge! I just hope the lady comes with the chair!
LOL! nt
05/29/2009 - 16:13