Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!

But owning this piece, 30 made, is quite fun !

Wore it at the factory visit at AP in last year,

and I would say it was the most admired.

Not least by the jewelsetter at AP, he thought it was amazing Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!

Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!

Who ever talked about the Malteser Cross on crowns,

look at this, only the tip in WG the rest in RG !

Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!

And on the wrist, it sure makes someone wonder,

probaly in envy....

"Les Historiques Jalousie" from the 90's,

a replica of the famous 30's.

I love it, and dressed up, I only have had positive commentares Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!

Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!

Have you seen an PP or Omega like this ?

Swatch imperium can never reach this level  Diamonds can also be a man's best friend !!!


Now that's a very nice watch! The RG case with the WG shutters and
05/31/2007 - 13:26

the engraving are just fantastic. The diamonds don't look out of place either

Thanks Tourbillon!
05/31/2007 - 15:09

Is it your watch that you are having as a personal photo ?

If so I would very much see more of it !


I wish! I love the Cioccolatone but had to turn to the modern Toledo
05/31/2007 - 17:01

1952 because I don't have $150k for the vintage version

Lovely piece, Doc...
05/31/2007 - 18:09

A rare example where the diamonds are tastefully set and do not take away from the overall design.  Simple dials are just overpowered by too many diamonds, but in this case, it works because the complicated jalousie structure is a "gem" of a design in itself and so both complement each other.  I am sure even the fairer sex can appreciate its beauty (and not because of the diamonds only).

Very classy Doc (the watch and the shirt).  Could you oblige me with a shot with the jalousies open?


Agree with you Kazumi, I'm not a fan of diamonds on a man's watch but
05/31/2007 - 18:19

here everything has been done with taste and all elements fit together perfectly

But of course my dear Kazumi ;-)
05/31/2007 - 19:26

Sorry this pic is what I found.

The watch is at the Bank's vault,

so couldn't give you a better one.

Story behind, is JLC created it's Reverso,

to protect the glass, when playing Polo as the history says.

The glass when this original watches were made in the 30's, 

was just thin normal glass, that broke easy.

The problem with the Reverso, was that you couldn't see the time if you wanted,

without turning it, easier said than done!

And to be honest the Reverso was no hit until the 80's,

when it was rediscovered by the real playboys, among them, Agnelli the former FIAT owner.

Since he had the habit always wearing his watches outside is shirt (!),

he became a excellent advertiser for JLC, who than started making them again after many years !

On this pic no Reveso, but you get the point !

Vacheron&Constantin of course made a more difficult but more useful watch,

the Jalousie.

It came either with shutters horizontal and vertical.

This is my watch opened :

It got a movement Cal. 1047, developed from JLC tonneau movement Cal. 822.


Yes, ladies take notice when I'm wearing it :-)



Here's the original "montre à volets" dating from the late 20s
05/31/2007 - 19:42

the cases were developed specially for VC by the famous Parisian case makers Verger Freres. Its interesting to note that the shutteres ("volets" in French) open horizontaly via a crown meaning you could keep the shutters opened or closed.

In the modern reiteration the shutters are always closed unless you keep the button on the bottom on the dial pressed.

Scan courtesy of Antiquorum

This is the predecessor to mine !
06/01/2007 - 00:50

Yes dear Alex,

That's the horizontal version,

but these are the one who was a hit,

and are the ones that were repeated  in the 90's.

That means mine.

With courtesy from the book  " Secrets of Vacheron Constantin" by Mr Cologni himself.

Please notice it's as close as it can be !

I sure love to have one of the originals,

but it sure is a challenge collecting VC !

There are so few VC's made.

Rolex does as many watches a year, than VC has done in 252 years !

And PP has in 100 years shorter time,

done at least the double of what VC has done.

Few watches on the market.

Stays in the family.

Nearly zero advertisement.

Promise :-)


Thanks, Doc!
06/01/2007 - 18:09

You must really show me more photos (including another wrist shot) when you take her out of the vault.

Thanks for the mini history lesson too.  Sometimes I am tempted to wear my watches like Senor Agnelli too