Did Vacheron Constantin invent the opendial watch?

With the recently launched Masks and Sputnik watches Vacheron Constantin has created a new type of 3D vision into the watches works through the dial (or lack thereof). The saphire crystal being treated with a metalic substance it creates a visually enchanting display of gears, screws, plates etc.. which change colors and brilliance depending on the angle looked at:

Métiers d'Art: Les Masques (Indonesia)

Did Vacheron Constantin invent the opendial watch?

Metiers d'Art: Sputnik

Did Vacheron Constantin invent the opendial watch?

But back in 2002 Vacheron Constantin had created a superb openwork timepiece with the limited edition Retro 247 where the top plate served as dial:

Did Vacheron Constantin invent the opendial watch?

Most impressive however is this perpetual calendar minute repeater pocket watch from 1906 with an opendial. This is definately thinking out of the box and extremely avant garde for the time to use the top plate and works as a design element for a watch and over 100 years later this pocket watch has definately a contemporary appeal.

Did Vacheron Constantin invent the opendial watch?

stunning and so modern even after 100 years!! NT
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Wow, amazing! nt
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Do you have more details on the watch "Metiers d'Art: Sputnik" (pictures & history)

I can open the link
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copy & paste of Alex' message :

Vacheron Constantin is launching a special 10 piece limited edition Metiers d'Art: Sputnik in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik. Very à propos this amazing model will be available only via the VC boutique in Moscow.

The Metiers d'Art Sputnik uses the wandering hours complication first found in the Tribute to the Great Explorers but with a totally modern approach.

The dial is in fact saphire crystal with a painted sky pattern treated with a special metalic treatement enabling one to gaze through it to the impecable finish of rotating discs mechanisme on the top plate. A small gold sculpture of the Sputnik is applied a top the dial looking as if it is floating in outter space.

The back is engraved "50th Anniversary of Sputnik launching" in Cyrilic

The 40mm white gold case houses the automatic 1126 caliber.




The Metiers d'Art Sputnik covers two recent threads:

VC's alternative time displays:


Movement finish (in the case of this timepiece the flawless underdial works finish are visible)


This timpeice which definately will not be to everyones taste is a perfect example of Vacheron Constantin's thinking out of the box with audacious designs. The brand has decided to take a diffucult route, in an erra where to be modern means kevlar, carbon, black PVD extravanza VC uses traditional techniques to makes something wholey different and which attracts the eye not because of its fusion overkill but of the emotional impact it can have on  the beholder.

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Dear Alex, do you have an image of Sputnik watch back side with Russian language title? It will be realy appreciate if you will post it.