Did Vacheron ever use Gold Plated crowns?

Hello All,
I own a beautiful Vacheron 6405 18K Dress Watch. When I bought the watch the dealer told me the crown may not be original as it had some brassing (plating coming off a base metal crown).

I have now compared the crown to other 6405 pieces and especially other similar Vacheron dress watches. It looks about right.

Did Vacheron ever use plated crowns? I believe Rolex has used plated crowns as the 18K variant would be too soft.

If the crown is original I am happy to get it replated.... however if it is not original I may try and find a better example.

Advice appreciated.

Did Vacheron ever use Gold Plated crowns?
no VC only use gold for crowns, no plating nt
03/12/2011 - 16:58
Alex, can you check with Restorations Dept?
03/15/2011 - 17:21
My earlier research with vintage V&C crowns were that they had a steel core with a rolled-gold cap.  Modern crowns are solid, however I believe the technology wasn't good enough in vintage times to tap fine threads in soft gold so the steel insert was used.  I'd appreciate confirmation if this is correct or not .