Differences between vintage calibre sub-designations

To follow up a the post below inquiring about what the differences are in vintage calibres with different sub-designations, I have put together a list of some of the calibres that I've seen, but am not sure about what the differences are.  This list is incomplet and may not be completely accurate.  Others are welcome to add or modify to this list.

Alex, is it possible for VC to shed some light and provide us some detailed information in regards to the differences between these variations, or system for designating variations?  Best Regards, Dan

453                         12.5’’’    17j                         

453/2C                  12.5’’’    17j                         

453/3B                  12.5’’’    17j/18j                 

453/3C                  12.5’’’    17j                         


454                         12.5’’’    17j                         

454/3C                  12.5’’’    17j                         

454/5B                  12.5’’’    18j                          Geneva Seal on some pieces


458                         9’’’          17j                         

458/2B                  9’’’          17j                         

458/3B                  9’’’          17j                         


466                         9’’’          17j                         

466/2B                  9’’’          17j                         

466/3B                  9’’’          17j                          circular regulating system


477                         12’’’       17j                         

477/1                     12’’’       17j                         


485                         12.5’’’    17j                         

485/A                    12.5’’’    17j                         


495                         12.5’’’    17j                         

495/A                    12.5’’’    17j                         


1001                       9’’’          17j/18j                  Swan’s neck micro-metric regulator

1001/1                  9’’’          17j/18j                  Freesprung Gyromax balance


1002                       9’’’          17j/18j                  Swan’s neck micro-metric regulator

1002/2                  9’’’          17j/18j                  Freesprung Gyromax balance


1003                       9’’’          18j                         

1003/1                  9’’’          17j                         

1003/2                  9’’’          17j/18j                 


1072                       12’’’       29j                          Swan’s neck micro-metric regulator

1072/1                  12’’’       29j                          Freesprung Gyromax balance

In addition...
07/27/2009 - 19:12
I'd be greatly interested in learning about the system V&C used to designate the caliber prefix, ie, V454 vs P454/5B or 1001 vs K1001, and P1007 manual vs P1019/1 auto, etc.? FWIW, I have a caliber K1072 from 1963 with date and Gyromax but not the /1 or /2 designation!  And it's been authenticated by the Heritage Dept as original....
Hi Dan, I'll try to get all the info and post it (nt)
07/28/2009 - 12:34
An excellent and usefull list. A remark...
07/29/2009 - 11:18
regarding the Vacherin Constantin P454/5B: Mine has this designation, but clearly does not have a Geneva Seal at all. However, the watch is certified authentic but the Maison: Cheers and thanks for the efforts, Magnus
Thanks Magnus, this must be an example of when
07/29/2009 - 13:39
VC would get the Geneva Seal stamped per customer request!  Your beautiful watch obviously negates my comment as being a general rule for all P454/5B movements.  The movement that I saw and led me to include the comment is this one: The movement number is very close to the one you have and as VC has stated before, their watches meet GS standards whether or not they are actually stamped as such. Best Regards, Dan
this task will take more time than expected, so please be patient :-)
07/29/2009 - 18:28
I totally understand Alex, thanks for taking the time
07/30/2009 - 04:47
and effort in getting this esoteric information and putting it all togther!   BR, Dan