Different versions of FP1185


I understand that the movement of the Overseas Chronograph is based on Frederique Piguet 1185. I read that this movement is also used as the base movement in some Omega chronographs.

Could anyone explain the differences between the FP1185-based movement used in the VCOS and those used in Omegas and other similar, less prestigious brands, please? 

Owning a VCOS myself, I would like to believe that, besides having a big date display, the movement in my watch is of much higher quality than those used in less prestigious brands, but I would appreciate it if anyone could explain how this is the case.

Many thanks in advance.


it is difficult to say what is different without being familiar with
04/14/2008 - 00:17

each base movement used by other brands. Some are finished and assembled by the brand's specifications others, and this is the case with VC receive the movement as an unfinished kit: the watch makers at Vacheron Constantin then finish each component (deburring, beveling, Geneva waves, circilar graining etc...), the jewels are set, the components which do not satisfy the brand's standards are replaced, assembly and regulation also take place in house.

I can't tell you exactly what VC does to the movement as brand's never communicate on this but the cal 1185 once finished by VC is to the high standards of the brand.   

Exploded Diagram
04/15/2008 - 18:57

This picture is very small but shows how the OS movement is finished.  Anyone know where to find a larger version of this diagram?