Disappointing Dealer Follow Up

on a recent trip to Singapore i bought a 1972 watch. After paying for it, and admiring it in the shop, we realised that there was a dent on the case. We asked for a replacement, but none was available. Whilst they promptly refunded our money, we requested that they arrange a replacement from the agent. But 2 months later, we have no news from anybody.

I am not sure how a dented watch can end up in the showroom, but more disappointing is the lack of service given to somebody who wants to buy a watch. (actually already did - i just want a new piece)

Perhaps we should start looking at other brands.
bummer! did your retailer say when one would be available? Have you
11/29/2008 - 20:12
called them up? In the event you are unhappy with your retailer you can call VC headquarters for South East Asia and discuss the matter with them. Their details can be found on the VC website www.vacheron-constantin.com. Hope this helps
Sorry to hear of your subpar experience...
11/30/2008 - 00:43
I have sent you a private message with the contact information for the VC Singapore team.  They are now aware of your situation and are awaiting your communication so that they can help to rectify this situation. While it is no excuse for the poor service from the retailer, I can say that on rare occasions, watches can be scratched after they are delivered from VC (or any other brand) to the retailer as the sales staff is constantly showing the watches to prospective clients.  Unfortunately, during this period, the watches can suffer a little bit.  However, once again, this does not excuse the poor follow-up and communication from the retailer but hopefully they will learn from this experience. Good luck and I hope that this situation can be resolved to your satisfaction. Cheers, Duncan