Disaster strikes!

I was casually peeking inside the winding box only to see that my beautiful 6694 Chronometre Royal had stopped ticking!  I take it out and try to manually wind the watch, thinking perhaps the winder isn't rotating enough.  BUT the winding stem is jammed!!

It's gone off by registered mail to Richemont Canada and I only hope and pray that it can be fixed without waiting a year in Geneva.  OTOH, if it does go overseas, maybe I should also apply for a certificate of authenticity at the same time?

I'm really puzzled about the cause of this malady.  It was shipped to me four months ago...perhaps something broke then and only now took effect?  I've heard that the balance staff is very fragile and is often damaged this way.  Anyone with similar experiences?

Don't get down on this, stay on the summit !
03/18/2008 - 16:53

I told below about my DTR

Three times in Geneva in 2 and 1/2 year !

First time when it arrived, new !

Anyhow, the time at Geneva has been dramatically shortened.

This time it took only two momths, from sending it to my AD until I had it back,

and that's fantastic.

More fantastic it that they had it adjusted!

Before it gained 2s a day, now it has gone for four weeks + - 0 !!!

It's true

So good luck to you my friend!


aaarrrrgggghhh! I feel for you, good luck on the wait and how about
03/18/2008 - 17:02

buying a new watch to ease the wait?

Good idea on the COA, I'm thinking of getting one for all my vintage pieces.

This is NOT good!!
03/18/2008 - 17:24

I always hate hearing about those kind of stories - hopefully for you the wait will be very small...

Looking on the bright side, at least you have a few other VCs to make sure your wrsit will not got lonely...

Holly crap!
03/23/2008 - 23:33

o dear... I really hope it gets resolved very quickly. This must be one of the worst experiences to have...

It is true the winding stem is very fragile when subjected to lateral force (ie: pushed sideways in any way, it can bend very easily). That is why it is recommended to always take the watch off the wrist before using the crown to either wind or change time, etc... If you keep the watch on the wrist when doing this, you could easily bend the stem.

Of course this didn't happen to you, but I am just elaborating on the stem fragility and hopefulyl give advice to anyone reading who didn't know...