Diving watches - have VC ever made one?

I know there's the Overseas, but that's more of a general purpose sports watch. Just seems a bit of a gap in the range, especially given how popular diving watches are - Submariner, Nautilus, Seamaster etc.
The Nautilus is not a dive watch but in the same categorie as the
07/25/2010 - 00:15
OS  a general sports watch. Not sure VC ever made a diving watch but it doesn't seem in like with the brand's image IMHO 
Yes, you're right. And I guess VC agree with what you
07/25/2010 - 23:39
said about brand image too.
I've never heard of one, VC doesn't make tool watches ie:
07/25/2010 - 12:54
diving, aviator etc....
VC's Tool Watches
07/25/2010 - 17:00
Hi Edu: one feature that characterizes a modern dive watch is the one-way rotating bezel for timing decompression.  This is not a feature of any VC watches past or present so technically they have not produced a "dive watch".  Nevertheless, the water-resistance of the Overseas series is very good and qualifies for swimming duties. I would like to mention that V&C does have a fine history of producing so-called "tool" watches, or those that have a professional use.  Way back of course, there are the deck chronometers for marine and precision timekeeping.  V&C also produced a line of military wrist and pocket watches - please search Corps of Engineers for further reading.  They manufactured a time-recording device for racing competitions that was used for land and water speed trials.   My favorite V&C tool watches were this historic 1903 "thigh" watch used by the Wright Brothers and the 1936 Aviator's Degree wristwatch with 24-hour dial and a huge 57mm case! It's a pity the current marketing strategy for VC doesn't include the concept of working watches .
Thanks for the info; the' thigh' watch is a nice example
07/25/2010 - 23:37
of what I mean - being classical/traditional doesn't mean you can't be funky too sometimes. Granted, the QDI and some of the recent Overseas limited edition models do suggest that VC is now more prepared to loosen the tie but they're still losing marketshare to watches like this:   and even this (though I'm not a fan of Breguet): Still, they obviously have it figured out!
Re: VC's Tool Watches
07/26/2010 - 06:08
Thank you for sharing about the watch used by the Wright brothers. The fascinating history of VC and VC wearers definitely was part of the allure of joining the VC family. I love the fact that VCs have been selected both by those who needed one for practical reasons (Wright brothers, the Chronometre Royal in South America, the Army Corps of Engineers, etc.) and by those who simply wanted the finest available (e.g. King Fouad and King Farouk).
you should include the 1936 Aviator's Degree watch
07/26/2010 - 17:30
Made in 1936, 57mm steel case, central seconds, notice that only the minutes are indicated (5 by 5), no hours and a 360° central dial. The movement base is Victorin Piguet. Only 3 were made, 2 with central seconds the other with a split seconds feature
VC never made diving watch and I doubt they will do so in the
07/26/2010 - 17:32
near future as it is not with the brand's philosphy. VC is a generalist watch maker which tries to cover more or less all segments without becoming too niche