This is for Doc

I double checked my info and I resume:

V&C worldtimer with Ref number 6213 was lot 450 at the Oct 20 1991 Antiquorum auction. It had an estimation of Euro 120.000 to 140.000( convertion from CHF since as Alex pointed out there were no Euros in 1991), it was presented with box and papers and it was not sold. As far as they know it was never again presented for auction and the original owner still owns it. 


that estimate is really high for the time!! On the otherhand if the
11/27/2007 - 12:17

watch did show up at auction again it would probably sell for double its high estimate!!

Re: This is for Doc
11/27/2007 - 14:29

Important information, and thanks for it George.

I agree with Alex, and at this time, if I remind it well, the first vintage worldtime PP was not already introduced at an auction.

Now, with such a rarity and after seeing all these incredible prices for equivalent pieces, price would go really up for sure!

If you also consider that...
11/27/2007 - 15:19

the platinum PP Ref. 1415 HU, manufactured under number 929.693 in 1946 and sold by PP in 1950,

was auctioned by Antiquorum in Geneva on April 14 2002 for more than $ 4 million

and the same PP model in Pg (no 964.804) manufactured in 1949 was sold for $ 1.678.963  

and the PP Ref 2523-1 (no 720.304) manufactured in 1953-54 was sold for $ 1.175.700

then you start wondering what this watch. from an older company, whith greater history. designed by the same person

(Cottier),in only one piece, should cost.