Doc, Pic request: 1972 WG

I remember I saw your 1972 WG some time ago on "The Purists". Its a very beautyfull piece you got there...Can you please share some photos of it? I looked around the net but I wont find much info/pics of it. Doc, Pic request: 1972 WG



Vacheron Constantin 1972 pictures!
05/16/2007 - 01:49

At your service llloyd :-)

Please notice that the & is gone 1972 !

Notice the YG on the inside of the deployant,

the outside is WG. Elegant.

The watch did win the famous Prestige de la France, design reward.

And at rest in an art deco cheramic bowl by the Swedish designer, Wilhelm Kage from the 1930's.

The watch's inspiration is clearly taken from the art deco design, of that period !



Any picture of what the deployant looks like if the...
05/16/2007 - 01:55

deployant is closed and you are look at its top surface.  Not sure if thats a good way to describe it.  The top of the deployant on my Carree is part of the Maltese Cross, while the top of the deployant on my modern 1972 is an asymetric shape which mimics the trapazoidal shape of the 1972 case.  Just curious as to what the rest of the deployant/the white gold part looks like.



05/16/2007 - 09:49

But at that time, the "half" Malteser Cross buckle, wasn't created.

The Malteser Cross is only stamped on the inside of the deployant,

This is what I can find,

no good pic, but gives you a idea:


the clasp is very "Cartierish" (nt)
05/16/2007 - 12:21


Thanks for the picture doc.
05/16/2007 - 18:02

I knew the half Maltese Cross clasps did not come about until around the late 1980's early 1990s, but I was just curious what a VC deployant looked like in the early 70's.  I agree with Alex, the deployant definitely looks very Cartier-ish. 

Thanks for the pix Doc.

Best regards,


05/16/2007 - 18:13

I love that style! Very nice pictures - thank you.

I guess at the time of the release that this was a very unic design (and it still is) and "daring" design is something I love about vintage Vacheron Constantin.

PS: The blue crown "kicks ass"