Doc's legacy.

Warning, long message, but it’s probably the last from Doc.
Storm outside fire is burning, dogs sleeping at my feet.
I have been working for this post for over one month.
THE BOOK, that never came to print, in summary.
In this post is I’m, absolute brutal honest.
Mature men will read with tongue in cheek,
other, many, will disgust these, to many words.
This will be Doc’s last ‘real’ post.
I shouldn’t have done it.
It should rested in the drawer, some, and especially two men,
made me look for it.
Dean and Tony C!
it’s like when the kids moved from the home!
You think you they are gone…
But they keep coming back, sooner than expected!
So let’s start with a sunshine link, short, I promise!
You see The Godfather of the Family (me), and in some way of The Hour Lounge!
My wife and I are entering the baptism of my son-son, Carl.
Family secured for I hope, if not for ever, but many years to come.
I have always since school been interested in history, as my main subject.
That was what caught me, when I got a book from my wife for Christmas present 20 years from now.
Doc's legacy.
There I found the oldest brand.
Never heard of!
 I had an interest in watches, that’s why my wife presented me the book.
She had NO idea of what she started…
15 years of madness!
I had the Speedy Moon watch, with a low number (which I had no idea of)
I had a couple of other Omega’s.
I had some pocket watches, Omega, Longine’s one old G-P etc.
On my wrist I had, now on my son’s, the Moon Watch.
The original, in the red box…
Doc's legacy.

Anyhow the oldest, by far, company was enough for me.
I dived as deep as I could, and stayed there for over 10 years.
Decided to learn everything!
And I think I did, thanks to my photographic memory.
Now I have sold out the most V&C’s, several to the Museum, makes me a bit proud!
All, but my true art deco watches...
Doc's legacy.

I still have them, I see them as art.
I love art deco.
And I have several art deco paints, posters, sculptures, glass etc
Doc's legacy.

I have three or four G-P’s, actually my most expensive, in RG and the 375 mm in WG, the last, one of 125 pieces made with movement by Journe.
The last six months, I have daily worn my, which is a fantastic watch.
Doc's legacy.

Only 2 times (!) in Switzerland for repair since 2006….
On the 375 mm the mainspring has broken now, for the second time….I can count the times I had it on my wrist.
Doc's legacy.

Both bought brand new.
Last time I saw a price for the 2009, it was EUR 22.000 and the 375 mm was not cheaper….
2005 I bought a new VC DTR Régulateur, for about the same amount.

Doc's legacy.

In three years it was four (!) times in Geneva for repair.
As seen on this site, there are too many ‘members’, who have complained over this.
It’s not fun, spending a fortune on a watch, and after a month send it to Geneva, and not having it for 2-3 months.
Think of it would have been the same with your new Porsche!
You buy a watch for a hell lot of money, a ‘simple’ Over Seas,
is a fortune, even to me!
A mass produced steel watch!!
Especially for a not working watch, with borrowed movements from ‘all over town’.
That’s why I been cheating about getting an OS….for myself
At the age of 30 as a young doc, I made a lot of money, but I never dreamed of throwing such amount away.
Actually I didn’t know that kind of watches existed.
Rolex I already knew as a commercial bluff.
The Speedy wasn’t cheap, but today it’s worth 5 times what I spent.
A simple Omega, but it’s circumstances as always…
Buy with your heart, now people buy a mechanical watch hoping to impress on others, or as investments smiley
Can you name the times you have been sure what your boss or CEO, which watch he did wear?
Yes, perhaps if he had vintage, that’s sticking out, and ONCE as CEO, I afterwards was asked!
And I nearly always did wear vintage wristwatches!
I tried, as you know, repeating me like an old disc, saying two things, vintage wristwatches
and even more important a pocket watch, simply to learn how a mechanical watch works!

Doc's legacy.

But that discussion has of several reasons been reduced to zero here…
Vintage watches are the cheapest in-step, which I, and many others,
ask Alex, WHL, Tony, Dean, Berny….I can go on for ever,
which their first watches where!
But VC don’t sell any new watches, they believe, because of vintages…
Before I bought my first new VC, my 6-10 first V&C’s where vintage.
When the mechanical watch breaks, as it does,
who pays the shipping,
who lose the money?
The owner.
And if it's lost!!
There isn’t one shipping company on this earth, DHL, FedEX, UPS, Post etc, which insure a watch for more than USD 1.000.
If you been told otherwise it’s lies!
I sold watches for millions, I know!    
I have this watch from 1979, working better than any mechanical watch.

Doc's legacy.

I bought this a week ago for about EUR 100 incl. shipping from Hong Kong!
2 years guarantee, but it will work on and on, just change batteries!
Doc's legacy.
I will never buy a modern mechanical watch more,and I will not advice anyone to do it.
Why do women buy quartz, because they are smarter than men!
Often Japan, with all right, is accused to be a country, that only copies products.
That’s true.
Name one genuine Japanese product…
If you read your history, there is another copy-country,
They copied the French and the English watches.
That’s their glorious heritage.
OTH, who invented the quartz?
The Swiss!
But they weren’t smart enough to see the potential!
Another country did, yes of course, the copyist, Japan.
In a decade they nearly killed the Swiss watch industry!
Until Mr Hayek saved Switzerland, from being a B Nation.
Because Richemond, LMVH, G-P and Swatch etc, which directs people's taste, men (!) now wears mechanical watches.
I say OK,if they know how it really works, but…
5 years ago I don’ t think 10 % of the BIG guys I happen to know,
had a mechanical watch.
Now perhaps 50% has, 10 times, at least, and they complain of worse working watches!
I think it’s very near the ‘tulipmania’ in Holland, and I quote Wikipedia, but you can read it anywhere:
“1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman “
I love the old pw’s and vintage watches for what they are, the technology of their time.
And of course the beauty of workmanship.
I been to VC factory several times, I spent a week at AP, also visited R&P (AP), where they make Mille’s products all the way!
He doesn’t even have a factory!
The watches only have his name!
It’s a big joke, or should I say ‘bubble’ as Joe Thompson at WatchTime said,
several years ago, and I to, about tourbillon!
You who read all thee words, I admire you, it’s my legacy.
Enjoy life!

As this guy does, 16 years old!

Doc's legacy.
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Re: Doc's legacy.
12/09/2011 - 07:22
Doc, I am recent here and to the Vacheron world (in fact the Vacheron & Constantin world, as my two watches are vintage). your words are true "Buy with your heart". As much as I am attracted to vintage, i understand people who love new watches. Many are beautiful. As long as you have passion and buy with your heart, you get the personal reward. For me VC is more reward for yourself than flashing at others. People, family and friends, are what really matter, not goods. Passion is people. When i read the article on the late Duncan, it was his passion that moved me, not his watches or the value they represented. Enjoy your family, your friends and the time we have on this earth. Franck
Dear Franck.
12/09/2011 - 09:42
I'm fascinated that you got the messge so completely, still being a 'newbee'. I welcome you to a bunch of very nice people! Just for me, buy a simple pocket watch, if none of you'rs are. Doesn't have to be a V&C, rember & in the future :-), could be any cheap pw. Many cheap omegas out there. My first pw was an Omega in the most simple form. All my basic, learning about movements starts here! Than I learnt a little more :-) Got it when I was 12 years old. Still have it. No value except to me, heart again, invalubale. See and learn! Thanks! Cheers Doc Doc
Monsieur le docteur I love your posts because they can be read in
12/09/2011 - 10:48
diferent layers/drawers and each reader can see a different meaning in them. As for me I've come to a point in my collecting life that I don't things too seriously, watches should be fun and the best part of this hobby is in fact the human relations and meeting the we met almost 7 years ago! Be well and Carpe Diem
Il Directore Alex,
12/09/2011 - 13:41
I see what you write, and of course you see it your way, and I see it my way. The question is if we are standing beside each other and looking at a distant object, or if one is standing  at that place, and the other at the distant object's place. The meaning anyhow with a forum is getting together and exchange ideas. I think we managed to do that on this place. To give ourselves some credit, since nobody else doeswink, we really started this forum with four empty hands, still got them, but a hell of nice friends. And true friends can never be bought, Alex you done the lion part, and done it magificent!yes I'll always be thankful for having worked together with you from zero to now, and we are both very proud of what we have done out of nothing. I love this place, I'll never leave it for good, but I have other projects that will take so much time, and YOU Alex knows what time this takes, it dosen't end at the forum.... But so far I enjoyed every one of perhaps 1000 hours or more, it's been worth every minute, when looking in the back mirror cool OTH, when you are out sailing and on a yacht like mine, with good place for 5-6 persons, and you come to a harbour, Le Havre par example, some want to sail direct to Grand Canaria, others want to cross The Bay of Biscay and head for nothern part of Spain. It happens, that someone, on leave the from yacht meet a friend who is heading for Canaria and join him, while others, like me think it's something you always wanted, cross Biscay, known as one of the worst parts, except Cape Horn.  I'll go for The Bay of Biscay, hopefully in the spring, sweep down Portugal, through Gibraltar, and suddenly I'm there! I'm in the Mediterranean, just look for a nice place to have the yacht the year around.' And I have a little home and I can dwell here and read books about .... perhaps watches, history or biographies... or make a magnificent dinner...hmm..warm something in the owen smiley the open hole on the desk is actually a quite big electric refrigerator, where a master in the kitchen, as me can have some pizzas and hamburgers, or anything else, ready made. Perfect cool That's the project, and so far I got alread a god skipper, me, and a very good doc, guess who, but yesterday a very experienced guy, said something which was very interesting. One is to little, best is four but I belive it should work by three. It's like watches. Experience. You get that by time and mistakes, not by a course. I done mistakes in 50 years with sail boats, much longer than with watches laugh Take care of your Vacheron Constantins , some missing the ampersand, and I keep mine, all with the & smiley Cheers Doc
Too many coincidences Doc
12/09/2011 - 17:36
Funny that you should begin this heart-felt (and insightful) post with a picture of that book!  I'm holding my 1989 English edition right now; the book that opened a world beyond Roll-X: And of course, we've shared our love of Art Deco on and off-line many times heart.  You are a true Renaissance man yes.
Dear friend Dean,
12/09/2011 - 23:11
remember my motto? "Life is a series of coincidences" Kepp in touch Doc
All the best to you in all of your passions!
12/10/2011 - 03:03
Doc, I am very sad to see you say that you will be less acitve (hopefully never absent) here because I learn a great deal every time I read one of your posts. Warmest best wishes for your next ventures! Gary
Dear Gary,
12/10/2011 - 16:45
if only one learnt something of all my words, my mission is fullfilledsmiley Thanks for your always kind words, and you never know where we meet, because one day we will! See my motto to Dean laugh Life is what you make it to, or if you follow your imulses. Everything has it's time, use it when you burn for it, see you my friend, there is always a place onboard for you! Cheers Doc
Re: Doc's legacy.
12/10/2011 - 08:03
Hi Doc – Like other forum members, I am sad to see you go, but very much appreciate your thoughtful parting words. There is no doubt that your priorities are well in order, and I envy the apparent simplicity of your chosen lifestyle. Your family is very lucky to have you, and we are lucky to have gotten a a few glimpses into your thoughts about watches, and, more importantly, about life. Bon voyage! Tony C.
Tony, Big Brother
12/10/2011 - 16:52
we keep as always in contact! Thanks for kind words and on way down, we stop by The Island on which you live. Just step onboard and you get this, the biggest private space It would be good enough for you laugh Or take a flight down, someday I will see you onboard, BB! See you soon I hope lb
Tony C, please
12/10/2011 - 19:35
don't wonder to much!! I misudersood and thought it was my very old friend Tony Chance! laugh Anyhow you are also wellcome, and still I do think we meet some day, somewhere Cheers  cool Doc
I understand...
12/11/2011 - 03:07
and I have no intention of suiing your friend for trademark infringement!wink
Can it really be 'plain' sailing from here?.......
12/10/2011 - 21:42
It's good to hear a man speak from his heartheart, however, I feel a response is called for from a slightly different angle.................... I suppose l'm like most folk that prefer a quiet life in the slow-lane; there are, of course, the few that are the exception to the rule and thank goodness for that!. I refer to Doc who is a past master for provoking controversy which invariably provides the spark to ignite discussion and debate - an all important ingredient for a discussion forum. As a result of this tactic I have learnt so much as the 'pro's' make their point and above all agree to agree or indeed disagree. This is good stuff!! Now then, like everyone else I wish him well, however, I'm not letting him 'off the hook' as easy as that. Whether he's sailing into the sunset or walking Pompe and Winston he'll keep a glancing eye on THL for sure. I make no bones about it - if I want a second opinion or a judgement I will place my request  on the forum and hope he will respond occasionally. Will you all join me in my endeavous? We simply cannot allow our friend to disappear over the horizon. On a personal note, I am so pleased to have had the pleasure of meeting Mats. We met in London and became brothers instantly - that chemistry does happen very often and when it does it's very precious. A wonderful man with a vision and commitment to be admired. He will be sadly missed on THL but never ever forgotten, that;s for sure! To my friend - Bon Voyage and stay safe. Tony (Big Brother)
you are a man of many virtues and passions, Mats
12/10/2011 - 21:58
now that you have more time to explore your other passions I am sure you will live them to the fullest. Just one thing, don't be shy and stray from this place. You sound very bitter about HL in general but I am sure your long VC love will remain unchanged All the best, friend  
Tony Chance aka BB, and Radek, please
12/10/2011 - 22:28
read the answers in the post above!! Especially that to my friend Dean. Now I, who never drinks, will take wiskey, and sit back with my book in front of the fire! Love all of you  heart Doc
I wish you all the best
12/11/2011 - 00:42
and hope to see you sometime on your island ! Amitiés, Berny
Special thanks Berny!
12/13/2011 - 22:50
You know where I am, anytime you want, my friend, take care Mats
Re: Doc's legacy.
12/13/2011 - 05:48
Doc, many thanks for sharing your special thoughts with us. I sincerely understand where you are with life and your hobby with watches. I wish you the best with smooth sailing, good winds and safe travels as you take on more adventures. After a fine professional career and serious hard work you deserve this time for yourself and your family. I hope we will hear from you from time to time as I have truly enjoyed reading your posts with wit and humor. Take care and best wishes from the west coast of the USA where the waters are warm and calm. Your HL friend, Matt
Matt, you are to kind!
12/13/2011 - 22:51
I'll miss you all, and some more, like you, my friend heart Mats